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  1. I picked up a white Fluval Flex 32 gallon from my LFS for half off. I didn't want a white one but it was a deal i could not pass up. On my other tank i plasti dipped the background black. Any ideas what I can do with the white flex? Worried if i do white it will look dirty all the time. But also think if i paint it something else it wont look right. Can anyone suggest alternatives? I was thinking if trying to do a mix of white and blue and then put a bunch of plants in the middle. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. i was going to tie them to lava rock but super glue was way easier. heres hoping they like their new home. Thanks again.
  3. Yeah guess I forgot its not 1994 and i could include pictures. Here's what they look like. I've had them soaking for 3 hours and the roots are still pretty hard.
  4. Hey everyone. I ordered my first plants from the Coop and when i received them today the roots on my Java Fern and my JF Windleov were black in color and hard. The Anubias Gold Coin was the exact opposite. I currently have all 3 soaking in some tank temp water seeing if the roots on the JF's will soften. I've never purchased these plants before, is this normal or did the heat affect the plants? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you both for your replies. Yeah I'm pretty new too. When my tank was finally cycled in September 2021 he was part of the first group of endlers I got. He showed no signs of anything and he seemed to be tank boss for the most part. The others would come up to him and flair at him. When he would turn to confront them the would act injured until he would turn away. So i assumed he was healthy, but what do i know I'm still learning. All the fish i've added since the initial group I quarantined and used the med trio. When i originally asked about the aggression i was told they were trying to establish the pecking order of the tank so i didn't think anything of it. Fish keeping as a long term experiment in biology and chemistry, it's a challenge and getting good at anything takes time and effort. I dont plan on giving up. I'm looking at it as an opportunity to learn and grow in the hobby, maybe do something a little different. Going to give it time to figure out whats next if anything.
  6. Update: I moved him to his own quarantine tank yesterday and treated him with aquarium salt. I felt I needed to try something and could not just watch him die. Unfortunately when I checked on him this morning he had passed. Was hoping for a better outcome but such is life. He will be missed.
  7. So I've been having issues with my Endlers Guppies. First my Endler males we bullying one that I originally assumed was the Alpha. Earlier this week i noticed that the one being bullied seemed to be slowing down and sometime sticking in a corner just to defend himself. So based on recommendations i got from someone on here i removed the jerks from the tank and put them into my quarantine setup this morning. Now he seems to be laying on the bottom of the tank. Every now and then he will swim half way up and come back down and rest on the bottom. When i fed the tank today he didn't swim to the top and when i tried to spot feed him he didn't eat. Yesterday was a fast day for the tank so he hasn't ate since Wednesday. I'm super worried he's my fav fish. Any thoughts?
  8. Do you think more Endlers would help? My tank has good filtration and i dont have to do water changes often. I think the longest I went was 3 weeks. So i think i could add 3 or 4 more and not be over stocked.
  9. I have a 5 gallon i use as my quarantine tank i can move him to. I have not noticed any endlers that are nice to him. they all seem to take pokes at him. Are you thinking of giving him a break or you think a permanent move is required?
  10. I didn't realize when i got Endlers (i think some are hybrids) how much chasing and nipping they would do with one another. They leave my Neon's alone. I was actually hoping my Neon's would help decrease the aggression but that was not the case. I have two that looks more Guppy than Endler (one's my fav and i named him Maze) and he gets picked on by all the others constantly. This week he's been swimming a lot slower and he's been in the corner just trying to fend everyone off. When he defends himself the others sometime swim away or the play hurt and then when he turns his back the start all over again. I'm worried about my guy not sure if hes hurt or sick or its just nature. I have 8 Endlers in total. Any suggestions?
  11. You know you're a real fish nerd when you go ooh and ahh over a hunk of wood on slate. LOL. I think your hands were tied on this one. That's a beauty. I think if i saw that one i would of bought it too and just put it in a shelf until one day it met its destiny and ended up in a tank. Congrats.
  12. https://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3753+3829+3831+5346&pcatid=5346
  13. Yeah im pretty sure they're hybrids, which dont bother me one bit. Does hybrids in fish act the same as mutts in does where they tend to be more hearty and healthier than purebreds?
  14. Thanks. Still learning about the Endler/Guppies. I just wanted to ensure that it was not something that needed to be treated and could lead to fin rot or something like that. Thanks for the education. 👍
  15. Thank you so much. You have put my mind at ease. I really appreciate it.
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