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  1. Tell me about it i am trying to talk the wife in to me getting a 3 footer for some small community fish.
  2. I listen to a lot of pink floyd, beatles, talking heads and midnight oil.
  3. i believe the synondontis catfish may need harder water than the blue acaras.
  4. We still have the angels in a 200 litre tank along with some common bristlenose plecos, cories and cherry barbs. and some lake malawi cichlids in a 400 litre tank. I also have some red cherry shrimp and tiger endlers in a 50 litre.
  5. We all know what happened to the original Titanic but i am wondering about the other 4.
  6. Thanks for the info. That means 04:00 on Sunday morning for my time zone, i will catch up with it later on.
  7. I would suggest shrimp as they would be able to survive on weekends and vacations.
  8. I first had fish as a teenager and looking back with the information online now i am amazed that the fish survived. I only got back into aquariums just over a year ago when the wife purchased a four footer with a couple of angels and now am up to five tanks and have been a member of the youtube channel for almost a year.
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