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  1. I am loving these stories and tips thank you so much! I was thinking about studying bass like that, such an incredible idea! It took me about 6 minutes to get that thing to shore, I always fish an ultralight setup with 15lb braid just because I like to keep it sporty but not really worry about breaking line, I ended up having to get in the water to land it since every time it got near shore it would just shoot backwards strong enough to pull drag. The peacock bass here are good eating apparently, but I found that after the last one I've caught, haven't got one in months so I haven't tried one yet. The specific strain they released here is called Butterfly Peacock Bass and rarely get over 5lbs.
  2. Thank you! When I was in jersey I had a pumpkinseed sunfish in my tank and it was absolutely beautiful, as of right now I've a Golden Topminnow in that tank about 3" long and another small fish that I cant identify, but both seem to be thriving with the danios and the gourami in the tank, I'll see if I can get some pictures or a video of them they are rather skittish. I had a beautiful pair of Sailfin Mollies I caught here, they bred once but unfortunately I'm not sure if it was my water or what but after a few months they became decrepit and barely ate, I quarantined them and tried feeding them small amounts multiple times a day but I couldn't save them, which is a shame the males have beautiful colors and that huge sailfin, they populate the shallows in the lake I fish in the thousands but I haven't tried to keep them again in fear I would just be killing them.
  3. Hahaha, I wish I had a tank big enough to keep those things, they're such a cool lookin fish I think
  4. Never kept them myself but pygmy sunfish could be cool, I believe you'd be able to keep a pair in a 10 gallon tank according to the care guide I looked up.
  5. Wow, honestly thank you so much for the tips I've been struggling to get fish especially largemouth these last few weeks in the summer, I grew up in jersey and basically have only thrown crankbaits there with good success but down here it isn't nearly as consistent. The clown knife fish are invasive like the peacock bass and I love catching them, they're quite rare and are usually only found down here in south florida, their ability to swim straight backwards makes for a awesome fight. I'll definitely be taking a trip to bass pro to pick up some of those plastics. Here is a picture of the clown knife and a beautiful peacock I caught with Deep Blue Kayak Fishing Charters:
  6. Thought I'd throw in a picture of the tank 4 months ago when I first set it up, I added the valisneria about a week after this picture but it wasn't nearly as tall as it is now
  7. Thanks guys! This was my like first attempt at trying to aquascape haha
  8. Thanks so much! they're actually Fire Ring Danios I purchased from the wet spot. I just moved to southeast FL just north of Ft Lauderdale Thanks so much for the info, I've been wondering how I can snag some of the plants in the lake I fish but wasn't sure to go about getting rid of all the nasties as you put it, that's an absolute hog of a bass, the biggest I've gotten down here so far was a 7lber, but I usually find myself targeting the clown knife fish, which I've gotten a 13lb one as my PB.
  9. Hey everyone, just got back into the fish tank hobby after a few years, I used to have a 37gal saltwater tank that my father helped me run when I was about 12 and now I'm getting back into the hobby by myself. I'm an avid fisherman so I usually can collect wild samples for my tank and after just moving down to Florida I have access to so many new and cool species. Right now I've a 20 gallon long tank and a 10 gallon tank in my kitchen. Just wanted to share my tank and see everyone's opinions, this is the first tank I've actually put plants and wood in a fish tank and I think it turned out quite well.
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