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  1. But this great information and now I'm starting to research adding live plants
  2. I also feel like my question went from nothing about plants to every response is about plants to be honest I'm happy that nothing has died yet it's just another worry for me to add more living things at the moment it is my first fish tank ever and its only been 3 months
  3. So I guess my real question is why have an air pump to just an air stone or bubble wand ? When you could get the same thing (adding oxygen to the water column) plus extra filtration and bonus beneficial bacteria. Is a sponge filter doing the exact same thing but bonus for dirt cheap?
  4. Yeah I dont have the set up for a planted tank. lights, nutrients, proper gravel. And all that is quite expensive including the plants themselves. I appreciate the size and placement ideas for the affordable sponge filter that basically uses what I already own minus the actual filter which probably cost less than a single plant. the tank and about 1/2 the fish in it where given to me. and happens to be my first tank ever so let's not try to over complicate things by giving me more living things to research and care for.
  5. But you also said you live somewhere where it freezes, how the tank originally broke. And also you mentioned no central heating in the 30s it just spurred some thought of how did they do it ? And the pic of the expanding food that you cant apparently over feed was super interesting. I'm just in love with your idea/ challenge. And picking the great depression era just makes it even more interesting I'm following for updates to see how this turns out. 😃
  6. I'm just curious about your heating methods. Shoots that's just one of many things I'm curious about this beautiful idea you came up with. And I'd choose livestock from the old days over the methods today lol good point
  7. So I have a 55g with a fruval 70 hob filter and a two port air filter hooked up to one air stone in a decoration and a bubble wand. I was thinking of making one if not both hoses hook up to your brand sponge filters instead. (Btw nice product) so I could get some more good bacteria and still aerate the water column. So that's the setup right now and the idea. But now for the questions, what size sponge filters? And does it matter what side or locations for the hob/ sponge? Should I do two or one sponge filter? The tank is a little full have -2 plattys- 1 full size gourami- 1 blue dwarf gourami- 2 giant danios- 6 tiger barb's- 3 cori catfish- 1 pitcus catfish- 3 black racer snails- 1 black kuli loach- and down to 5 neon tetras (I think the pitcus ate the others but just a guess). So In conclusion I probably overstocked and think the adding of the sponge filter/s would help. just wanted some opinions on size and placement of additional filters. And waters clear no problems with water test or anything and not too much agression in tank just thought the added sponge filter/ would help. Thanks, any and all constructive criticism or advice is welcome and appreciated.
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