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  1. Gold coin has done well for me. I got it to flower. 🙂 I loved my barteri, but it got too much salt and melted back. It's rebounding, but not what it once was. Hopefully in time it will become big and beautiful again.
  2. Right now I have some cherry shrimps and ramshorn snails in the water portion, but it's in a 10g tank and only has about 4 gallons of water which limits aquatic options. It also developed a colony of seed shrimps. I'm hoping I don't lose too much of the volunteer life forms when I re-build the tank. I will be adding zebra pill bugs to the land portion to help with some of the clean up. There are about 3-4 crabs in the tank right now. (They're pretty reclusive, I usually only see one or two at a time.) In a larger set-up you'd have more options, but they are quite small crabs so you have to be careful you don't introduce anything predatory.
  3. Oh boy, almost had a heart attack, tried to make a post, but it added the wrong pictures. Oop. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes. 🙂 Most of my puffer pics are videos because they’re quite active. But here is a picture of my older puff when I first got him. Not sure why my paludarium is upside down?? Apparently the water is now the sky. That green plant on the ramp destroyed my tank and killed so many of my plants and mosses. I hate it. I’m ripping it out on sunday and rebuilding the tank for easier servicing and to have more land space. The crabs spend most of their time on land so I want to better adjust the tank to their needs. This was also my first paludarium build ever. So I was kinda winging it tbh. I know a lot more than I did last fall when I set it up. It maybe doesn’t help that it’s such a small build to work with. If anyone wants to see the progression of the new build as I do it I can take pics. I plan on setting it up this sunday. 👌🏻👌🏻
  4. Hey! I’m Rome. (He/him) I’m new to the forum, I’ve been a member of the youtube channel for a while, I’m almost up to my taco badge. 👌🏻👌🏻 A little about me: I’ve been a big fish nerd for maybe forever but wasn’t really in a place to learn and expand my knowledge until the last few years. I was working at Pet Smart when the pandemic hit and as my hours got reduced I just kinda kept adding tanks. 😅 I keep freshwater, saltwater, paludariums, terrariums, basically the whole gambit. I’ve done brackish in the past. I’ll keep my posts focused on my freshwater and freshwater community tanks. 👍🏻 I’m currently going to school to become an aquarium maintenance professional. So like working on the aquariums at the zoo, or large systems in private residences, or retail/business tanks (like the one at my dentists office). Not that I’d be opposed to working at a local fish store either. I’m currently the manager for a halloween store. Spoopy. 🎃 👻 Photo info: Sorry my khuli loach is upside down? I didn’t know how to flip the picture. But I found this gem at a local fish store. She’s a lot chonkier now but I couldn’t get a good pic so this is from the day I got her. Not sure if she’s just a different color morph or exactly why she looks like that, but I thought she was cooli lol. Second pic is my false julii cory cat holding an egg. Never did find where she put it, and it definitely got eaten. But it’s still neat to see how she holds the egg between her fins. So the crab is a tomato vampire crab, technically in my freshwater paludarium, but I love crabs so you get a pic anyway. About to redo that tank because it got overgrown with an invasive plant from a seed pack. (Yes I know seed packs are a scam, but I didn’t know this at the time and I was hoping for some cute aquarium clover. Alas. 🤷) And last but not least, a platy fry. Because when is it not a good time for a cute little fry. Once I move my green spot puffers into their larger tank, I’ll have a free 29g to build a new freshwater community in. I’m looking forward to posting updates about that build as I go. Thanks for reading! I’m excited to be a part of the community. Michigan peeps- Heyo! Rome signing off to hammer apart a lava rock.
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