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  1. Thanks for the info Guy’s!
  2. I have a mystery snail in my aquarium, and it used to roam all around the aquarium, but the past week it has been closed using its flap, the Guppy Fish kind of pluck on his trap door, I know it's not dead because every day it's in a different location. However, I do not see it crawling around anywhere all day. Does the snail go through some kind of hibernation phase?
  3. thanks for the heads up, i have a 35 gallon tank
  4. as you may or may not know, i am new to the aquarium world, i have guppys in a tank, but i would like to try and place a male and female Angel fish in it as well, can someone help me and let me know what the proper water readings should be, i mean like PH, Am., nitrite, ect. i dont want to get a pair and watch them die, i have a master water test kit but would like the proper levels to keep angels alive. thanks
  5. someone told me back in the day the filter was a small plastic box that had a layer charcoal and then was covered in what they called angel hair filter stuff. I know i am dating myself here.
  6. Thank you, i too would stuff my hanging filter pumps with foam to cut down my costs, i hope these 2 large filters i have in my 35 gallon do their job. i love the fact that they also add the air bubbles to the mix, i rest easy knowing my underwater pets have air to breath, thats too funny saying my underwater pets need air.LOL I have the one male tuxedo guppy and then a few females of assorted, i have had one litter so far and had to remove two of the babies due their their deformed backs, they looked like the were popping wheelies but i did use them has sushi for my 2 albino African claw toed frogs. they are going to keep my guppy population down for the most part.
  7. can someone explain how the co-ops filters work better than the store bought hanging filters, besides circulation, is it really drawing the water through the foam? mind you i am afraid of flying and physics says flying is possible, it is due to physics? if so then i understand my fears of it not working. LOL
  8. So here is my aquarium so far. Added some driftwood and discovered it’s release of tannins. My water levels are still high but the aquarium has yet to cycle. I was told it would take about 6 to 8 weeks. It’s been only a week and I have my guppies and Cody cats in it. I know over time and water changes the tannins will decrease. It’s far from finished as to what I want to do. I really am interested in water scaping but tiny steps, tiny steps!
  9. hey guys, just discovered aquarium co op has a forum, cant wait to absorb some serious freshwater aquarium knowledge. Just stared in this hobby and i have guppys and mollies, looking to expand my skills in keeping a tank healthy and active.
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