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  1. Hello again, I asked about some critters I took photos and videos of the other day. I got very useful help (thank you so much). Well I bought a microscope and took some more video because while I’m not concerned about the copepods we found, I have also discovered some type of worm. I’ve tried doing some research… I do not think it’s a detritus worm because it hangs out on the glass. I’m obviously most anxious about it being planaria. Based on this video I took my hypothesis is: Rhabdocoela worms but I’d like to rule out planaria because I’m paranoid about my future shrimps. Thank you for taking the time to read and view, it means a lot!
  2. No worries, you relieve a great of stress for me confirming that for an upcoming shrimp tank. 😅 Your expertise is much appreciated 😀
  3. You guys are so extraordinary helpful! And you were right on both accounts I believe. The second creature definitely looks like a copepod. (I added another video of that one above if wanted to see better) it has that fork tail I can see when I zoom in. Thinking maybe Harpacticoida. But I’m not bothered by them at all. Actually kind of cool. And equally cool to learn about all this. Thank you for your guidance! And relieving my anxiety… I was just paranoid it was going to be juvenile aphids because I had just discovered the lily aphids and identified them with your help, and then saw the presumed copepods right after. But I likely only noticed the copepods by looking closely for the aphids. 😆 what an adventure before even stocking it. Thanks again Biotope Biologist! GuppySnail! Everyone who read them or looked at the videos for me— I really appreciate it!! Now I just need to get myself a microscope lol
  4. Thank you so much! I was looking at my tank pretty critically now for bugs and noticed some tiny swimming things in the water column. Much smaller. Seem to originate from Water Lily. (Removed it into separate container and the quickly appeared swarming in it) so now I’m paranoid it’s these damn aphids and I’m going to be bombarded with tons of these things in time that will decimate my plants. I’m sorry for asking all these questions and posting all these vids. I’m just wondering if the obvious conclusion is that these are juvenile lily aphids or something else entirely. edit: another (hopefully better?) video
  5. I know my theories are all over the place but now I’m thinking Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae (water lily aphid) because of the little horn like spikes on their back. I found several more. Most only stay in the water for a bit. I’ve removed them into a culture cup which I’m glad of now… I’m sure aphids of any kind are not great. Need to keep looking for more. Being that these kind go after water lilys maybe they came in on my new red drawf lily bulb I added a few days ago? I did a bleach dip but it wasn’t incredibly strong or long 🤔 damn
  6. Thank you guys so much! Dragonfly larvae seems like a strong suspect after seeing that picture. Springtail too in looks though he hasn’t gone to the surface. I wasn’t satisfied very much with that video I made so I had my gf dig out her Marco lens and I filmed another: I just fear my original video elongated his body a bit because I was photographing using a magnifying glass. I also tried including more light. Still dragonfly larvae or springtails as suspects? Sorry it’s still not super still or clear. He maybe seem a little more round to me than those others with thrip-like bodies. Edit: after doing more research, my best guess is Bourletiellidae which is a springtail! Anyone confirm with new video?
  7. Hello! New here… first time starting a 10 gal shrimp tank (not stocked yet) and I noticed a tiny spider-like critter on one of my plants. I pulled him out and tried to take photos. I’m just very curious as to what it can be as I bleach dipped and alum soaked my plants so I have no idea how he got in there. I also took a video I hope that’s allowed to link it here. Any help identifying the little guy would be much appreciated. Thank you
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