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  1. I got a good deal on some craigslist tanks about a year ago with the intent on setting up a neo-shrimp breeding rack. Looking to find a relatively clog resistant pre-stand pipe fixture safe for shrimp. Will the coarse pre filter sponges facilitate a stand pipe flow without overflowing? I'm planning to turn this stand pipe(pic) downward. Anyone Anyone worked with a similar setup? I want a durso pipe with no weir ideally that has a fine mesh intake. I was considering mummifying a swiss cheezed pvc pipe downspout with window screen. It will flow into the white pvc manifold. This leads to the yellow bin diy submerged media filter that is not made of cheese, which overflows into a refugium ( I guess??) that has a sponge baffle leading to the pump that spills forth the waters of life past the ball valve of past folly. It The waters of life are regulated by my 4-of-a-kind threaded rod bent around a wooden block with screw on nuts to meter the open/closedness of the tubing. It's not a complete fire hazard I swear. Also, here is my slider being a legal for me to own (grandfathered in) before the law making his species illegal to own in my state baby who I will keep till one of us dies, his life partner is hugging the filter intake where she dug away all the river rocks. The tank is just them for now because they murder any plants save for the one stalk of lucky bamboo wedged by their basking platform. Turtles are great, but lots of work. Anyway, I need a piece to keep the shrimp and most of their babies in the rack without tanking the flow. Let me know what y'all think,
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