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  1. I was looking to put a filter in line from the garden hose, mounting a filter in some type of holder, then on to tanks, or lg trash can I fill and treat before pumping into tanks, water changes use about 90-100 gallons a change, and I change the water about once a month, I only have 9 tanks between three rooms, so a water change system would be overkill at this point i believe
  2. Has anyone tried to use a Catalytic Carbon filter to remove chloramines from city tap water?, thats what a Google search suggests, should remove 80-90% of chloramines they said, wondering if its worth the investment
  3. it is a nicrew light, yes i'm using root tabs, and this time I have two big bags of fluval stratum under the gravel
  4. The photo was taken before the plant shipment arrived, I'm having the same issues with plants only living a few weeks, then dead... hoping someone here may have an idea or suggestion
  5. Why can't I grow plants in my 21/24 inch deep aquariums, previously I had a 120 gallon 5' tank, 24 inches deep, I couldn't get any plants to grow in it besides Anubis and Java fern, any stem plants will eventually rot off at the gravel. Substrate is dime and smaller gravel. Light is a 48 inch nicrew, suspended about 5 inches above the tanks. My new tank is a 130 gallon waterbox, this time I added additional free standing grow lights, and the anubius looks like the leaves are burnt, suddenly turned brown, too bright of lights i'm guessing. at 21 inches deep, with fluval stratum under the same gravel, ordered pogostemus octo, water sprite and Brazillan penny wort, added root tabs to the pots, put the pots into the gravel, been a few weeks, the penny wort has rotted off, the water sprite is not looking good, losing sections every few days, pogostemus hanging in there. Do I have too much light or not enough? No ammonia or nitrites, nitrates are at about 50 ppm, use easy green once a week also. Anyone have any suggestions?? sorry but the photo downloads upside down, even if I rotate it
  6. I expected a much different answer..... like an answer to maybe why I have trouble growing plants in my 24" deep tank.
  7. I thought it may be for a care guide, or light requirement guide. I really didn't notice the numbers were different until I had them out of the plants and laying on the table, Thanks Robert
  8. what do the numbers on the plant tags mean, I just ordered 11 plants, they all came with a plastic tag with different numbers on them, either 1 - 2 - 3, and another number in a circle, four tags had 29 in the circle, two had 30, and a 24 and a 34
  9. Anyone have any success cleaning up hard water buildup in an old aquarium, bought an older tank with alot of build up, I tried laying the tank on its side and soaking with vinegar, and scraping with a razor scraper, it removed some, but the tank still shows cloudy stains on the glass from the buildup with water in it, most is around the top waterline area, any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm thinking of using CLR next but the chemicals may be harder to remove from the tank than the buildup. Is it possible i'm just too impatient and need to work the vinager soak longer and multiple times?
  10. I tied a piece of hotdog to my net, he went right in for it. Thanks for the idea, I didn't even need to wait till dark or starve him lol
  11. Any suggestions on how to lure a yoyo loach to the top of a planted and decorated tank, so I can net him and relocate to another tank, he is all alone and nipping at the fins of my angels
  12. Does anyone have a solution to the plastic hinges on marineland or aqueon glass tops breaking after 3-5 years, i'm on my second set of glass tops on my 120, the plastic splits and marineland didn't have a replacement part. seems like a waste to keep ordering new tops just for the cheap plastic hinge piece
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