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  1. Well I have a bunch of plants. Anubias nana and some other weird ones as well as some jungle ferns. I was going to group them together to cover my filter intake, sponge filter and heater, or maybe just at one end in the corner of the room and I figured that'd help the wcm be able to get away if need be. And there are just as many minnows as barbs, so as a school they're a pretty decent size. Idk.. but if people don't think it's a good idea.. maybe I won't then.
  2. Now that you say that, it could explain a few... *Looks around* "disappearances".. They are indifferent to the plants they're with now. They care very little about anything but food and themselves. Maybe that's why I like them so much, they remind me of me lol thanks for the input though, if I do it, I'll try to remember to update!
  3. Does anyone have experience keeping these two fish.. together.. in the same tank? My plan is, 14 WCM and 20(ish) Tiger Barbs in a 40 Breeder. I've seen people say they should be fine, and others say something quite the opposite. I think the minnows will school tighter (they basically don't right now, it's them and a goldfish in the 40b) and the barbs will eventually ignore them. It'll be planted pretty heavily as most of my plants are already in there and my plan for my 55 (tiger Barb current home) does not include plant friendly fish. So, any advice, tips, concerns? Thanks in advance! 🙂
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