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  1. Thank you! Even with the old gravel the sword did very well. Though I was using mad gravel tabs around it. Right now most leaves measure over 20 in long. Next step is planting some hairgrass 😬
  2. I have finally changed the substrate. After long debate and COVID delays, I have choose Carib Sea Eco Complete Planted substrate. I am glad I did! I love it, and hopefully my plants will too! I'm hoping with the substrates high CEC rating and dosing Easy Green my plants will thrive.
  3. Yeah that does make since, and I've heard of malachite green before watching Corys videos on ich x. But to be honest, after looking at my betta just now, I don't think he has ich. I mean he had a few white spots on him, but they mostly have disappeared, and watching over the last couple of days they have not multiplied. I'm ordering the maracyn medicine today and I'm just going to preemptively treat my tank for ich and bacterial infections. None of my residents or plants were quarantined before putting them into the tank when I first set it up, I was a newbie and didn't even know that was a thing lol. Since I first started with a 10 gallon tank, I have that extra tank still so I'm going to use that and set up a quarantine tank. I'll probably just keep snails in it to keep a small bio load. Blue is my favorite color anyways so maybe I won't totally hate it 🤷‍♂️
  4. Thank you so much for your reply, this is exactly what I was wanting to see. I understand the fish come first, but when you spent hundreds of dollars on your tank and decor, you definitely don't want to ruin it by staining. This makes me extremely nervous to treat my tank now, but my fish need to be healthy. I can't believe in all the years of fish keeping, and all the years that ich x has been out that they haven't figured out a way to stop the staining 🧐🤷‍♂️
  5. Oh man, now why did you have to say that, now all I see is corn 🌽 when I look at my tank.... Anyway thanks for the advice lol.
  6. Hello community! Greeting from Austin, Texas! My name is Blake and I'm new to the hobby. I've had my tank less than a year and it been an adventure even in that short time. I knew going into it that I wanted to create a betta fish rescue home, and that's what I've been striving for. Muay, a blue male crowntail, is the first betta to inhabit AquaBithia (name of my tank). I also have 2 black racer nerite snails and 1 blue Mystery snail. My tank is a 20g high and is planted(ish). I have water wisteria as a floating plant (my betta loves me for it), I have a huge Amazon sword that has thrived in my tank, Vallisneria that..... well it's trying to take off lol. I see new growth in it so I just hoping for the best. I also have a java fern and a few baby javas it produced. And some kind of stem plant I bought from a local fish store and seems to have gotten really leggy and tall. Anyways, my tank is ever evolving and it's communities like this that give me confidence to push the boundaries of what I know and try new things. I'm excited to be a part of this.
  7. What's up community! Greetings from Austin Texas! So this is what I got, I have a 20 gallon high planted (ish) tank. When I first set this tank up as a newbie I went with a rock gravel, and to be honest with the addition of aquarium co-ops plant root tabs, I haven't cared because I've seen plenty of plant growth. But now after too many forums, and too much scrolling through Google images of tanks with black gravel, I am hooked on the look. So basically what I am asking, is what should be my steps in replacing my gravel? I currently only have one betta fish and three snails and a few amano shrimp living in the tank. I also have a spare 10 gallon tank I could use as a temporary tank. Just kind of want to get some advice from the community to make sure I don't do anything wrong and accidentally kill my fish and snails 😳 I added a picture of what my tank looks like so you can see the current gravel. As of today, July 13th these are my tank numbers: pH: 7.0 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10ppm anyway, TIA to all who reply!
  8. Thanks y'all, I'm starting treatment ASAP!
  9. Hello community, my name is Blake I'm new here. I have a question, I need to treat my betta for ich, I have purchased ICH X from aquarium co-op and I have it in my possession. The thing is, I only have one tank right now, I have another tank for a quarantine but it is not set up and I need to treat soon. What I need to know is if this will stain my tank for real or not. I have a glass tank with silicone sealing and clear tubing. I need to know if this will stain my tank so I can treat my main tank ASAP. If not, is there a way to quickly set up a quarantine tank that I'm not aware of?? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to all who answer!
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