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  1. Really enjoying the Bumblebee Otos I picked up from you guys from this shipment! They seem like the perfect addition to my Caridina shrimp tank. I have read about how difficult they can be to keep and that they tend not to eat prepared food but I usually see 2 or 3 of them sitting in the shrimp feeding bowl mopping up what is left after the shrimp have gotten their fill.
  2. I suddenly had an idea for a prank on my neighbor... Based on prior experience with raccoons I would also suspect that as the culprit. As others have stated, an electric wire/fence is probably your best option, it wont feel nice if someone accidently touches it but I bet it would be the only time they every did it by accident. The other option would be using something like hardware cloth (smaller mesh means they can't put their arms through it to grab the lilies) but it has to be very well secured. If the raccoons find and start eating the fish in there it will be very hard to keep them out. I built what I thought was a chicken fortress to protect my birds after several losses only to watch on a security camera as they climbed the roof and started tearing off the wire on the weakest part they could find to kill more of the chickens. If you have losses, consider the electric fence, even domestic animals can sense the electric field and avoid it so it is pretty safe over all. Good luck!
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