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  1. @Joe L.What size canister would you recommend?
  2. @Odd DuckThanks for the info. I have been using a feeding container for my turtle and he does great with it. We are also on a shared well so we have no chlorine in our water. I live in Wisconsin so our summers are pretty short. I put him outside sometimes in a pool to let him get some natural sun but otherwise he is doing great with his lighting and yes I do change the bulb every 6 months. I recently changed it as he just turned 6 months old in June. I hate canister filters so thinking of doing HOB. I currently have a Tidal 110 on a 55 gallon goldfish tank that I may wind up putting the turtle in and moving the goldfish to another tank. I figure if I need it I could add another 110.
  3. Hi, I have a 6 month old painted turtle. Researching filtration needs for when he moves to a bigger tank. Thinking he will need a 55 gallon tank. How much filtration is recommended for a full size male painted turtle. He should get about 6 inches in shell length.
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