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  1. I don't know if you can see but there's a little white spot on him and that's where it dips down as if he was bit. His Gill also looks dark red.
  2. He's just pale right now but that's his usual pattern on the top. The photo you circled is showing his good side that's not red. He's the smallest Cory so I don't know if he was just being picked on or not. The things gotten less red from yesterday when I first noticed it but I'm not so sure if he's getting better. He can still swim around fine he just chooses not too.
  3. My Cory has a weird spot by his/her gills. It's a little red and has a white spot. He hasn't been swimming around much lately but the other Cory's seem to be fine. I tested my water and the ph was a little low. The ammonia was off but only slightly and I'm going to fix that in the morning. I took the Cory out of the tank and I'm going to set up my old tank somewhere so he can be alone incase it's a disease. I have four Cory, one pleco, two guppies and a molly. I have some plants in the tank idk if that changes anything I'm not an expert. I had a piece of drift wood in the tank but I just removed it because my pleco dug under it and junk was in it. I don't have specific Cory food but they eat the same algae waffers I put in for my pleco. I'm in b.c. and we just recently had a temperature spike so I had to turn down my heater because the temp was getting a little too high. All my other fish are doing well and my pleco isn't discoloured at all. My pleco is Harold and he is very sensitive about things, if I move a rock or anything he starts to get stressed and he'll show little white spots for a few minutes until he's calm again. I'm pretty concerned about the little guy who's named Cinnamon. I had my pleco, molly and one Cory before, the pet store didn't tell me I needed a group of them. I went to get some more fish for my tank because the molly and the Cory seemed lonely. I got them from a family run store and they were all very passionate about fish and knew their stuff. It was a giant warehouse type bulding with so many aquatic animals from the size of guppies to things the size of large dogs. I got another three Cory and they're all getting along. Cinnamon is one of the new fish I got and I've had him for about a week and a half now. I don't think my pleco attacked him because the bite would be too small and I don't thing it was my guppies either. Might of been my molly but it's very calm and has never shown agressive behavior.
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