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  1. cranky, yes, old yes, have patience😛 The basic are still there but so much is new. I've been binging Cory's videos to catch up. I will have livebearers once my aquarium is ready!
  2. Hi everyone, I started keeping fish in 1971 livebearers are my favorites. I gave my last tank to a friend about 1995. Recently I decided to get back into the hobby. I have a quarinteen tank but the main tank isn't
  3. What I had in mind was the short light green algae on the trees in my yard. I guess that isn't really moss. I have a really new tank and I'm just setting it up. I have boiled coconut huts and planted a couple of plants. That is it so far. I hoped to be ready for addition of wood eating fish such as plecos.
  4. I want to add moss covered tree bark to my tank for my wood eaters. What should I do to prepare the bark for the tank?
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