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  1. I am feeding flakes, I don’t do live nor frozen as both have been problematic in the past. All of these fish came from one place called Tangled Up In Cichlids. None of these fish are eating at all, so a medication soaked food wouldn’t work. Can flubendazole be administered to the water directly?
  2. They all have been added to the 30 breeder as an update
  3. Hello, I have been keeping community, predator, and big aggressive fish for a long time, and through half of my time keeping cichlids, I have had to deal with internal parasites. I had bleached my tanks after a new wave of them hit my aquariums a year ago and was out of the hobby until I got back from college in May. I ordered 4 caquetaia spectabilis in April and they had been in a quarantine system and doing well. I then ordered 5 trimacs and they went directly into a 90 gallon, and while scared, were fine. Then a month ago, I ordered 4 cribroberos longimanus, and they were doing fine. Everything was well until 3 weeks ago when my cribroheros longimanus had long white poop and completely stopped eating. I reacted with levamisole once every couple days with a water change before the next dose. They never truly got better and 2 died, 1 from my accidental overdose, and another jumped when I left the lid open. Today I went to my trimac tank and noticed long white poop, the mouth coughing gesture that seems to follow this same parasite, and a lack of appetite. These fish are all in separate systems, and after going through this same exact parasite multiple times, I never cross contaminate. The spectabilis have been with me for 3 months, the trimacs 2 months, and the cribroheros longimanus 1 month. The spectabilis are the only fish that are perfectly fine so far,hopefully they stay that way since they’re my dream fish. After going through this disease around 10 times, it saddens me greatly that I have to go through it yet again. Is there any specific medications I should do? And if so, what are the dosages and times between dosages for a 30 gallon tank, as that will be The sick tank for all the sick fish, since they’re all practically fry at 1-2”. I did a non effective levamisole treatment on the longimanus and a semi effective metroplex treatment on them. The trimacs will be moved in the morning to the sick tank. Please help, if these fish die then I might be out of the hobby for good.
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