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  1. Yeah, that's my concern. Looking into it, the gas is supposed to not be water soluble. So, IN THEORY, it should not enter the water column. But the lack of oxygen is a big deal. The tent is supposed to cover the house for something like 36 hours.
  2. Greetings Looks like my house has some extra inhabitants crawling around inside the walls (it's very common here in So. Cal.) and we are going to need some treatment. Tenting and fumigating has been recommended. Anyone have experience with how this may affect aquariums? I have two planted tanks established. Thanks!!
  3. @CoryThanks for the info. So is it like a genetics thing?
  4. Greetings. I have a silvertip tetra that is struggling. It has been in a 10g quarantine tank for about two weeks since I bought it (in a batch of 20) from my LFS. Got the med trio for a week and now it is about another week later. All the fish look good up to this one today. It's mostly on the bottom, struggling to swim (see video). Checked water parameters, everything where it should be. (Amon, Nitrite, Clorine = 0, Nitrates = minimal, ph = 7.5ish, Temp is at 77-F). Any advice on what happened to this individual and whether I need to worry about the rest is appreciated. Video link:
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will probably keep with the tissue paper and slowly remove bits of it to raise the brightness over time to give the tank and fish time to adjust.
  6. I am certainly not an expert on such things; however, there is a concern in the medical field of antibiotic resistant bacteria developing as a result of too much antibiotic use. In theory, applying, low dose of medication every six months may result in the bacteria adapting and developing resistance to he medication. If that were to happen, when a problem did become apparent, there are a lot less options for alternate antibiotics that are applicable for fish.
  7. I bought a 20" Finnex Stingray (1 - without the moonlight feature) for a standard ten gallon tank. Holy Moly, the light is intense. I think it is actually too bright for the fish, as they all immediately cowered in shadows of plants and rocks. As a temporary fix, I placed tissue paper on the glass to diffuse and block some of the light. I don't anticipate this will work long term, as tissue paper and water will likely just cause a mess. So the questions are: (1) Will the fish eventually become accustomed to the more intense light, or (2) Anyone know where I can find an opaque piece of plastic that I can cut to size as a more permanent solution? Thanks!
  8. I've been running a Tidal 55 on a 29 gallon for about a month or so. I have no complaints. It's got a big filter box, self-primes, and is easily customized. I don't have a problem with the surface skimmer... but I could see that could be an issue if you have a lot of floating plants.
  9. Hello all. I've seen mixed opinions on this... Do you typically quarantine new shrimp and snails? If so, would you also use medication treatment? Thanks.
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