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  1. My otos don't seem to even notice that algae wafers are there, no interest at all.
  2. Some great suggestions, folks! I will be trying several today. I just put out a tub with rocks etc. and I mixed up a batch of the Super Green to smear around. I'm going to try to figure out a way to suspend something from the tank lid so that the snails don't get it all (selfish, greedy buggers but I like them so what can you do?). I'll grab some zucchini when I go shopping later today. I have algae wafers. Can someone tell me the difference between those and the pleco wafers?
  3. Here's the situation: 20 gallon quarantine tank, lightly planted, 4 mystery snails, 2 nerite snails, 2 small angels, 3 green cories (juveniles about an inch to inch and a half long) and 5 OTOCINCLUS. Tank parameters are good and steady, light came with the tank so it isn't adjustable. I've got Easy Green and I'm not afraid to use it. On our most recent trip to Petsmart, we picked up the otos. I like to have algae in this tank because it's the quarantine tank for the 75 gallon as we're doing the initial stocking. I had a decent amount of algae in there that the snails were slowly working through but the otos have eaten almost every scrap. I either need to grow more algae ASAP or I need info about anything else the otos will eat. They don't seem interested in algae wafers or Rapashy Super Green. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. For some reason, we have trouble keeping these guys alive. They'll seem fine, everyone else is fine too, then one morning I find a little oto belly up. 😢 Is there something they need that other fish don't. Water parameters are good, plants and fish are thriving, even got the darned nerite snails sorted out, but the otos keep dying. Any thoughts?
  5. Update: One died, the other 3 are ok. They ignored zucchini. None of the survivors seem to be very active though. If this is typical, I think I prefer mystery snails. They are very active and fun to have in the tank.
  6. We put in a wondershell and in a couple of hours there was a meeting of snails around it. we still have a couple that haven't moved though. We'll wait and see what happens.
  7. My husband and I have a relatively new (4 months or so) 75 gallon tank. Everything is going well, the water parameters are good. The fish, plants and mystery snails are doing well but the nerites are basically catatonic. Does anyone have any thoughts about what they may need to perk them up?
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