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  1. Update on guppies, we now have probably 50 fry. Other tanks: Platy tank 29 gallon with rainbows, serpae tetras. chain loaches. 55 gallon with angels, silver tip tetras and blue rams.
  2. Well now I can count more than a dozen guppy fry, algae is starting to grow and the plants are doing well. Time to add shrimp. Being that Covid is picking up pace here in central California and given my local fish store are limited as far as shrimp goes, I decided to order shrimp from Aqua Huna. Of the fish shops in the area, one has only cherry shrimp and another one which normally carry multiple color is completely out, I decided on yellow shrimp. If all goes well and they breed readily, I will have a few thing in my favor: 1) a product the local fish store may need and 2) when I move some to my 5 gal tank, which has a black substrate, they would look great. Unlike when I bred black lyretail mollies, I think the guppies and shrimp from this tank may get some buyers. Or maybe store credit. Either way, I will enjoy thank and if it get too crowded I have options.
  3. That is kind of what I was thinking. I am probably going to just leave it alone for now. I would prefer to both encourage a fuller look and to not stall it growth since it's my centerpiece plant. Thank you for your advice.
  4. Based on when I had Guppies in the past, probably once to twice a month since there are 4 females and 1 male. My surprise this time was the females were newly purchased and did not look big enough to produce fry as yet. I forgot how small they start.
  5. Congrats!, I wish mine would spawn. I think they are a very cool fish.
  6. Yes I have had to trim mine a few times. It can be really scary the first time. I used two small containers of water. I put a couple drops of clove oil in one, after I put the puffer in it. The first time I did it I only put one drop and waiting for his reaction, then I slowly added more, one drop at a time with enough time between to observe. After that I had more confidence in how many each time. its hard to calculate because water volumes can be different. The I picked him up as soon as he would allow me. I did not want him in the solution too long. I bought a pair if nail clipper for that sole purpose. When done I put him in the clean water. Once he woke back up and was a little feisty again, I put him back in the tank. I also marked the container I user with the clove oil for future reference. That way it would only be used for that purpose. Before I started I watched quite a few you tubes on the subject. I will say, it does not matter how well prepared you think you are, it is still nerve wracking. I wish you the best of luck. By the way, my puffer did well each time. Unfortunately I lost him due to a heater malfunction.
  7. Finally had time to take a picture. Rainbows, tetras and loaches with gourami center piece.
  8. In my 29 I'm currently keeping dwarf rainbow up top, long fin red serpae terta mid and dwarf chain loaches on bottom with a opaline gourami as a center piece. In a planted tank they add activity and color. I have my blues, reds, with black and white.
  9. Looking at my 55 gallon tank, I noticed something about my Crinim Calamistratum, there looks like a baby plant may be growing. How long should I wait to separate them and how do I separate them? Do they just pull apart from each other?
  10. The LFS here has various colors of "cherry" shrimp, locally bred. I figured they would be small enough to hide around the filter, in the dwarf sag, or even with the loose collection of lava rock. Last time I kept shrimp with guppies, there was not much cover but they still found a way to over populate. Unfortunately the heater went haywire and I lost the whole batch. This time it will be in an unheated tank and 10 gallons instead of 5 gallons. I'm thinking give it a week or two to settle in, then add about 10 shrimp.
  11. I thought I would start a new project. Picked up a 10 gallon tank, scaped with gravel I had and sand/lava rock I had from home depo. Ordered some plants, root tabs and filter from aquarium coop. Picked up a turquoise guppy male and some female guppies locally. And we are off to the races! I hope to keep posted on progress.
  12. Not to worry, these ponds get exciting in an amazingly short time. In my pond I started with 7 shubunkin about 3 in long, now have close to 40 ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches. Feeding time is crazy. Best to just enjoy the development. My family and I enjoy sitting by the pond in the evening. Have fun.
  13. Had a 9 foot brick ring we used as a garden. I got tired of always clearing out the weeds, so I turned it into a 165 gallon pond. I've had it about 3 years now.
  14. It is a great way to de-stress. I will sit with my tanks for an hour before I go to work and then again when I get home. The work itself it not too stressful, but with my tanks my blood pressure is doing wonderfully.
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