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  1. I got 7 pea puffers in a 29 gallon and was curious on peoples opinion on sexing of a few. The picture with the one in is the tank boss so thinking male and the other picture I’m thinking are female but not sure.
  2. Parameters are good, 0 nitrites and ammonia and around 10 nitrates. She seems to eat fine and no I haven’t.
  3. Not sure if it’s bloat or what but my female Congo tetra in my community tank has gotten BIG. Only one in the tank like this. Any ideas?
  4. I got a pair of young Apistogramma Hongsloi reds shipped yesterday and have noticed the female chases the male around a lot. Is this normal behavior? I don’t think it’s a breeding thing yet since I just got them but not sure. It doesn’t seem to actually nip at him just chase. Any ideas?
  5. Anyone know what kind of snail this is?
  6. I’m going to be setting up a 20 gallon and need some ideas of what to stock it with. I already have a community, swordtail, guppy and pea puffer tanks and don’t know what to stock it with. Please help
  7. So I had 5 Cory’s I got 2 years ago I put in a planted 75 gallon tank about 8 months ago and now 3 are missing. The tank is pretty heavily planted in the back but can still see for the most part everything. And only 2 come out when I feed the tank. What the heck happened to them? Now I have all small tetras to Congo tetras and Bosemani Rainbows so they didn’t eat them. Only logical thing I can think of is they died and my colony of Malaysian trumpet snails ate them but you would think I would have seen some carcass at some point. I’m perplexed at this
  8. I could try the diy water bottle trap again. Maybe fast the tank for a day or two then put it in? I was surprised I didn’t get one snail when I tried it the first time
  9. I thought of that but I have nerite snails , rabbit snails and rams horns I like and assume they would eat them too
  10. So I have a crap ton of Malaysian trumpet snails in my tank and want to cut the population down in my tank and wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas. I know less feeding works some and have tried the cucumber trap ( my pleco eats it and never get a snail on it )and tried a diy water bottle trap and didn’t get one in there. Don’t really want to spend an hour picking them out one by one so any ideas would be awesome.
  11. So I have a diy spray bar and my suction cups to hold it up both decided to not work anymore so I temporarily have it up with a zip tie. I’m looking at my hardware store for some kind of hook to use that would hang over the back of the tank. My question is is there any type of plastic I should steer clear of? I don’t want to get something and have it kill all my fish. I found this hook for over a door but for the material it just says plastic. Anyone know or use something for there spray bars that would work?
  12. I personally treat the tank with the correct amount of fritz complete then fill it up with tap water on all my tanks and have had no issues
  13. Ok so I received pea puffers I ordered online today and they are tiny. I have 3 in a 29 gallon I was planning on added them to after quarantine but these new puffers are not even half their size. I’m guessing it would be smart to grow them out in quarantine but will bigger peas kill or eat smaller ones? I think I know the answer but thought I would double check
  14. Hey all I’m curious on people’s process for acclimating fish you bought online. Now when I get fish from my LFS I just float the bag then plop and drop but I ordered pea puffers from across the country and don’t know if ph or anything is different from my water so would it be smart to drip acclimate them ? Or does it not matter?
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