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  1. So I have a heavily planted 75 gallon community tank. I haven’t done a water change in a month. I check the water parameters weekly with the Aquarium CoOp test strips ( which I love by the way) and am staying in the 10-20 ppm range for nitrates. I dose easy green weekly. My question is there a point I should do a water change even if the parameters are good? I used to have this tank stocked with bigger cichlids and had to do weekly water changes to keep the nitrates under control so this is new to me.
  2. So I was cleaning out my cannister filter ( I do it about every 3 months) and found 6 cherry shrimp living inside of it. And a bunch of Malaysian trumpet snails unfortunately. I switched this tank over from cichlids to community fish and realized I need to clean it more often. Anyway anyone else find anything interesting in there filters when cleaning them?
  3. So I was worried about the paint smell so went back and bought more pvc fittings and made a new spray bar and didn’t paint it and installed it this morning. Not a huge fan of white with my black background but oh well. Then I went and checked the previous painted spray bar I had sitting out in the sun outside for the last 3 days and guess what? It doesn’t smell like paint anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️. Unfortunately it fell down yesterday with some wind and chipped some paint so I won’t be installing it but maybe I will make another and spray paint it and let it wait till it’s good. Moral of the story I have absolutely no patience 🤣
  4. It’s Krylon Fusion paint. On can it’s says dries in 20 minutes and safe to handle in an hour but doubt that was written for aquarium use.
  5. I spray painted my pvc for a spray bar 2 days ago and is completely dry but still smells like paint. Is it safe to put in my aquarium that way? Kinda wanted to get another opinion before I did
  6. Hey fellow Nerms, got a few questions, I’m attempting to make a spray bar for my 75 gallon tank with a fluval 306 cannister. I have 1/2 inch pvc and I watched Cory and Deans video on making a spray bar and they said I believe to start with 1/8” holes and Dean drilled them 1 inch apart. Does the size of the spray bar matter on the distance between holes and size of them? I have a 24” piece for the bar itself but not sure if I was going to keep all of it or cut it down. Also I believe in a live stream Cory mentioned if you wanted to cut your flow in the water to point the spray bar to the back wall of the aquarium. Now I like this because I use a Fluval E series heater and need flow through it or it beeps low flow.( currently have an air stone dropped behind it). Can I have most of the holes pointed towards the back and drill a few on the other side to point to top of water for surface aggitation? I just want to do it right the first time if all possible 😂
  7. I was curious if anyone knows the diameter of the rubber adapter for the output for the fluval 306? I want to attempt to make a spray bar but am unsure on the size of pvc to buy and don’t want to take my output apart just to get a measurement. I tried looking online but am having difficulty finding it.
  8. Do apistos need a cave if there are hiding spots in my tank?
  9. I have no experience with apistos , are they aggressive when they have fry?
  10. I was curious if people think an apistogramma would work in my community tank. It’s a 75 heavy planted . Current stock 8 rainbows,10 Congo tetras, 20 cardinals, 24 ember tetras, 6 green neon rasboras, 6 swabwa barbs,6 green fire tetras, 6 Cory’s, 2 bristlenose plecos and crap ton of snails. I have read they can work in community tanks. And if so a male or female? I’m assuming a pair would be a bad idea though
  11. So I can’t get Bolivian rams to continuously eat and they keep dying on me. I started with 7, quarantined them then added to my community tank. I over feed the tank a little just to make sure they get food but they rarely eat. I’m down to 2 left. Then I bought 4 more, quarantined them and put them into a tank of their own and same thing. Won’t eat , have one left there. I feed , frozen brine shrimp, xtreme krill flakes, xtreme nano sinking pellets, and repashy community food . These are the only fish I ever had that keep dying on me and don’t know what else to do but give up and stop buying them. Any advice?
  12. If you suspect one of your fish in your community tank possibly has the very beginning of ich what would you do? Try to remove it to a quarantine tank, treat the whole tank or wait to see if it gets worse? Currently it’s the only fish I see it on and do have ich x .
  13. I bought a group of Bolivian rams last week and one of thems back tail is smaller. I don’t think it’s fungus cause nothing has grown and have treated the tank with the quarantine trio. Wondering if it’s tail got chewed up from where it came or maybe a birth defect? It seems completely .. any thoughts?
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