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  1. @Guppysnail Now that you mention it, I did add a small piece of mopani for the shrimps about a month and a half ago, and prior to that, it hadn't happened, so now the cause is found! Thank you for your help!
  2. Every so often, these oddly-shaped little spots of white show up on the inside of the glass of my shrimp/betta tank. It doesn't seem to be causing any trouble to the animals, and usually the spots will just go away on their own and pop up somewhere else in a few weeks. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  3. @BruSo would you say it's possible (or even likely) there is an issue with this one in particular, then, since the rest all look completely normal?
  4. Weekly water change was done day before yesterday and all parameters are as they should be. It's so odd that none of the 7 other kuhlis exhibit this, unless it's as DSH said, and a genetic thing. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I've never seen it look another type of way, but to be fair, until recently when I made a few improvements to the tank specifically for the kuhlis (adding more sand, hidey holes, tunnels, etc) I didn't really see them very much at all. Now, they are always out and about, day or night (which is so odd, because now that they've got plenty of places to hide, they never hide anymore!).
  6. Hello Fish Fam! I've got 8 kuhlis in this tank that live happily with a colony of endlers (and a smattering of guppies). The kuhlis are active always, happily playing and visible at all times of the day. The kuhli in question isn't the exception to this, in fact it's as active as all the others, but what's so different is its coloring. It's washed out and utterly pale, vastly different to the others. It's gills are obviously red, and I can't know if it's because it's so pale or because something is wrong and it's sick. I'm posting pics of the other kuhlis for comparison. Anyone have an opinion on this? I'd appreciate any input. Collette
  7. @Mmiller2001 I was really surprised that I hadn't found any info about this topic anywhere I looked online, so thank you for reaching out to Hikari. I'm sure someone will be able to use this information again in the future!
  8. Thanks! I tried to temper my reaction because I've been desperately trying to get him interested in the hobby so I didn't want to discourage him too much by flipping out, but I promise you, inside, I was roiling, especially since the quarantine tank is empty and cycled right next to the main tank 😂. I turned it into a learning experience for him, and now he knows never to touch the tanks without consulting me first!
  9. Thanks for your reply, @Odd Duck! In this case, our ich was caused by my over eager significant other thinking buying me a 'present' of 6 mollies, and then "having them all ready to show me" by putting them in the tank (without a quarantine). Poor guy, he didn't know, and he was so proud of himself because he thought he was getting me a present I'd love 😂. So I was thankful for the kind gesture, carefully explained (with evidence) why quarantine is so vital, and came here to ask you fine folks about if y'all think the CO2 is an issue during treatment. I've stopped it for now, but I am hopeful that some other CO2 users will chime in!
  10. So, I've read all about removing carbon from the filter, increasing temperature, adding additional aeration, adding salt, etc during medicine treatment for ich. Nowhere have I been able to find advice on whether or not I should continue or temporarily discontinue my CO2 while treating my tank for ich 😂. Anyone have any suggestion on this? Thanks in advance! Collette
  11. Thank you both so much! I'd not heard of Co2 Art before, but I'll check them out immediately! Much appreciated!
  12. Greetings fellow fish folks! I'm ready to take the plunge and start using CO2 in my 55g planted aquarium. Would anyone be able to assist me by providing a list (or point me to a list online) of all the necessary equipment that I will need to start off? I'd like to have all I'll need right there at hand rather than find out halfway through that I'm missing something I need. My sincere thanks in advance! Collette
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