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  1. I would like to have a tank with 3 clown loaches and 1 or 2 Spotted Raphael Catfish (Agamyxis pectinifrons) with some smaller fish. However, I know clown loaches like their water in the high 80's if possible. But the Spotted Raphael Catfish likes 68 to 79°F and I figure the middle ground would be 82F if possible. Since the clown loach could technically go temp: 72-86. Just asking if this would be okay since I'm still in the research process and need to still find a 75 or 120gal tank.
  2. Since it's hard at the moment to find a 125 gal tank around my way and the LFS that could try to "order" one wants double the cost. I rather get a 75 tank that's available at another store and I can get my hands on right away. My vision is to have 3 Clown Loaches and 3 Peacock Chilids. This will include a lot of live plants, moss, driftwood and a pleco. Is this doable in a 75 gal or too small overall?
  3. Thanks guys for all the information, I don't want to completely eliminate the population since the snails do have a job and contribute to the well being of the tank overall.
  4. Would hate to do this but what do you guys think. Either 1 or 2 assassin snails or a couple of yoyo loaches for a healthy balance of snails in a 29gal tank. I have right now over 50 snails of all sizes. I feel bad wanting to kill them but the bladder and ram horns are multiplying pretty fast. Only one I wanted were my trumpet snails lol. I am feeding a little more than usual but that's because of the new fries in the tank. All I want is a balance not completely eliminate them since they do have a purpose.
  5. So curious which one should I trust. Co-op strips shows 6.8 but could be 7.2 PH. But master kit shows 7.6-7.8 PH
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