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  1. First batch of Mystery Snails hatched today! Any tips on raising the hatchlings? I put them in a breeder box and fed then what I would normally feed the adults (algae wafers and sinking pellets). Should I go for something else? Also, how can I check for calcium levels in the tank to make sure they are adequate?
  2. Got my lame looking, oddly shaped 3 gallon upgraded to a nice, normal 10, haha. Needs more plants, but I think it is coming along nicely.
  3. I know that crushed coral raises Ph over time. However, I was wondering how much does it ultimately raise the Ph? I know that different water conditions will effect this, but what might be a ballpark figure? For example if I need to raise a Ph of 6.5 to 7, about how long would that take? Would it get to 7? Would it stop at 7 when it got there?
  4. Oh, I knew you were. I am already designing a fish room in my head and have no where to put it at my present living quarters. So when we finally move in December, that we will definitely be incorporating into our final decision, haha.
  5. The pups! Laila (dachshund), Smitty (black and white), and Cubby Bear (bottom).
  6. Found my mystery snail, Lucky, laying eggs this morning. This is slightly exciting. I do not have anything set up to rear them, so I am just going to leave them alone and see what happens. This is the first breeding that has taken place in my tank, and I am excited! How long does it usually take for the clutch to hatch? P.S. She got the name lucky because someone had put her and another snail (Houdini) in the assassin snail tank. My husband and I rescued them. Now it looks like they are having their first babies!
  7. How big is the pleco? Though I would say it is rare, in another group a couple of people talked about how their plecos attacked their bettas, even killing them. They actually watched it happen. Might want to watch to make sure he did not get attacked at some point/ watch for future incidents.
  8. Awesome! Yeah, definitely recommend the sponge for a betta. That or a HOB meant for a smaller tank (which is not likely possible in the case of a 5gal).
  9. Cool! Getting new plants and scaping with them is as fun for me as getting new fish!
  10. I've definitely ended up with a couple bettas that way, haha. Every time I go into a fish store, I have to tell myself not to even look at the bettas if I don't have a room for them, haha.
  11. You definitely want the plants to have a dark period and a consistent one at that. My understanding is that plants make food during photosynthesis and use the food made, therefore respiring, during times of rest. So, they can photosynthesis all day long, but they cannot use this food to grow until they are in the dark.
  12. I have found that the hardest part is getting started. I killed plenty getting started. It seemed the more I stressed over the fish to make sure there was no problem, the faster they seemed to die. However, once I finally got settled and worked many of the kinks out (still working on some, haha) it was much easier, less time consuming, and far more enjoyable. For me, it was worth the effort to continue. You must make that decision, but ultimately, it does get easier if you work at I promise.
  13. Welcome! I completely feel the absorbing too much info and getting in over my head. Is the 5 gallon the bioorb? If not, I would use a sponge filter for the betta. Also, how big is the bioorb?
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