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  1. Talk about a hard topic. I’ve always thought it would be African Cichlids, but I’ve come to realize that I’ve had one type of fish that has been in ALL my freshwater tanks. If they can go in saltwater, I would have put them in there as well. Endlers livebearers. I’ve had them in my 10s and 20s with shrimp and corys. I’ve had them thrive in my 60 gallon jungle tank with female bettas and an angel fish. I have them in my pond right now, with goldfish, whiteclouds, and guppies. I have to admit that when the population is too much, some have gone in my African cichlid tank. They serve as a snack there, but I think that counts too.
  2. Thanks for the input everybody! Sometimes I forget that it is nature we are enjoying and sometimes, no matter how we “control” it, it goes its own way. Thanks again!
  3. Hello Fish Folks! I’ve had my endlers in both 10 and 60 gallon tanks. They’ve been consistent in breeding for me. Early this summer (April) I set up a 300 gallon pond and moved a few males and females in there. It is now August and I’ve notice that there significantly more females than males. I always though that it was so since I was just looking from the top. The offspring were still small, so from the top I never saw their color. The babies are a few months old now and a few have gotten their male colors. I even dipped my Go Pro in there to look. This was when I’ve confirmed that they are breeding female heavy. By the way, the endlers live with 8 juvenile fantail goldfish in that 300 gallon pond with plants like anubias, pogostemon and water lettuce. I am now thinking that the goldfish may have been seeing the colorful males as a treat and leaving the females alone. What do you guys think? Any experience with male/female ratio in fish breeding. I know this happens in reptiles, temperature dependent. Thanks a lot! - AySjelow ( pronounced like ice-jellow)
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