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  1. YAS! This would be so useful to me. The first time I've EVER been into a home improvement store was just a few months ago. It's so intimidating for me to see an auto-changing water system. Plumbing is something I have no knowledge about!
  2. Is there an app, or a filter that can count the number of fish if I take a picture or aim my phone camera at a fishtank? When ordering a lot of fish online and getting a shipment, it's very cumbersome to try and count all the little fish. But with a few pictures and an app, I'm sure a computer could do it easily.
  3. Earth Systems goes into the different cycles on earth. Of course there's plate tectonics, geology, and earth's creation, but that's just one term out of four. There's also a term for astronomy and solar system creation / star life cycles; there's a term for earths ocean and freshwater systems/cycles; and last term we go into meteorology and cycles in the atmosphere. There is certainly LOTS of overlap. Especially talking about nutrients!
  4. For the temperature problem, I might try a solar panel build for air during the summer. If oxygen lowers when water his hotter, then I would probably just need the electricity for an airstone/spongefilter during those hot times. I have a hard time with hardware kinds of builds, however. I've never been into a home improvement store until a few months ago. It's so overwhelming that my brain turns off. I do appreciate that TheDukeAnumber1 left links to everything to just get online. Does anyone know of a "How To" YouTube videos showing how a build like that might be done?
  5. I would like to be able to overwinter the pond outside, so I'd like to have fish that would be able to withstand that. I know of at least one LFS that will take fish for cash, so I think I can sell my excess there. I'm looking into local cub auctions, but it seems like many are still out from COVID. I can really only have nano tanks inside, so I could probably bring the ricefish if I needed to, but plecos would probably have more need to go inside right? Aren't they tropical, or are they more forgiving of temperature? I would like a backup inside just in case there's an emergency, like a tub leaks or something. I don't know much about different strains of pleco. I've mostly been looking at super reds (they look SO cool! I want to keep them so bad!). It would probably be better if I kept a smaller kind of pleco just in case we had to go inside since I can only have nano tanks. At least to keep a breeding pair right? I don't want to have to sell all of them and start over.
  6. Ricefish sound like a good first choice then! I appreciate the info! What are your winters like? I'm in a Hardiness Zone 7a. Should I drag an extension cord out with an inexpensive heater set to it's lowest setting for winter?
  7. I think ich-x has malachite green (another dye), not methylene blue. But both dye's are used to combat ich. It's interesting that these two dyes work against fungus and ich.
  8. Hey! Question 1 I can't have a fish room inside, as we're renting and don't have permission for anything but nano tanks. I'm planning on getting a tub to breed something like madaka ricefish in. I've been reading The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti - he doesn't really recommend airstones or sponge filters, but I think I'd feel better with that. I don't have any outside plugs, and would have to run an extension cord in order to have an airpump, is air worth it to jury-rig something? Someone posted how they macgyvered a solar panel to a USB pump, but the more I ponder on that I'm not sure I can do it since I'm planning on my tubs getting only morning sun. Question 2 I'm really interested in breeding plecos - I think they're a super fun fish, but I don't know if they can breed in tubs outside. All the videos I've seen are inside tanks, so I'm not sure conditions outside are for this species. Recommendations? Any general recommendations for breeding fish in tubs is appreciated. I've re-watched a lot of videos by Ryo Watanabe and anytime Cory and Dean mention tubs in their videos. I live in Utah, we're getting record drought and beating heat records already, so if there are tips to stay water-wise, I'd appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I really appreciate it. I haven't ever used a forum of this style before, and it's a little bit of a learning curve. I'm mostly used to facebook and instagram.
  10. We do! I love seeing Timp every day! 💗
  11. How are the different types of rice fish going for you? I'm interested in getting some, but am not sure what kind to get. Daniel, what do you like about ricefish? I'm interested in keeping some, but am still looking into them.
  12. Wow! Thanks for all the links! I want to try to do this! Much appreciated!
  13. I think the SLC club is meeting this Thursday (the 24th)? I'm debating on going since it's a trip going up to SLC from Provo. I've never been to a local club meeting before but they might have an auction at the end.
  14. Hello! My name is Jenny, and I was born and raised in Provo, UT. I'm a secondary science teacher who's currently teaching 7th grade science, but I've also taught 8th grade science and high school earth systems. While my masters is in earth systems, my bachelors was in Biology with a minor in chemistry. I really like seeing how different subjects affect and lean into each other. My parents were never really into pets, but we did have the occasional fish growing up. Last year when the shutdown happened, I watched a lot of YouTube and came across this video from Foo the Flowerhorn and I was hooked! This hobby has tickled my chemistry bone, my biology bone, and my earth systems bone! My ember tetra had some babies earlier this year, and that was an amazing experience! I'm interested in breeding fish, but I'll need to go outside with ponds because we're renting a duplex at the moment and can't have very many or large tanks inside. Currently reading "The Tub Pond Handbook" by Ted Coletti since Cory mentioned him on an old livestream I was watching. I hope to be a lifelong hobbyist, and am so glad that I've found this forum! Photo credit -Wikipedia, Mt Timpanogos from Provo, UT
  15. There must be a lot of Utahns keeping fish, or extreme coincidence - I just made an account too! I'm in Provo! Do you know of any local clubs that get together? Though my family had pet fish growing up, I haven't been too serious about the hobby till last year when everything shut down. I'm interested in breeding fish, but I'm limited in what I can do since we just rent a duplex with a small tank rule.
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