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  1. Got it! Thanks for all your advices! I think I will first put the plants into the tank and see if my goldfish gets any better. If there hasn't been any changes, I'll put in the Kanaplex. Does that sound like a good idea to you? By the way, how would I decrease the nitrate in the water during the Kanaplex treatment since the plants would be taken out of the tank?
  2. Hello Guppysnail, I really appreciate you taking the time to tag the video and dasaltemelosguy's fantastic research report! I just happen to have lucky bamboo and peace lilies in my house! I will be plopping a few down the tank! I was wondering if you suggest setting up an air stone in there as well? I haven't had one in the tank ever since the machine broke down but I have a filter and the fish seems to be doing alright with out it. Thanks!
  3. Hi Colu, thanks so much for the suggestions! I will let my family know to stop the salt treatment. I would also like to use Kanaplex to treat the fin rot. Do you think now is a good time to start it or should I wait for the curvature to go away first? Also, should I be aware of anything when using Kanaplex? Thanks!
  4. Hi Colu, i will do another water change! What product would you suggest I use to lower nitrate if it is detected in tap water? Do you think my fish will get better with time or would it stay in that condition? So far, it has been eating normally and the activity doesn't seem to be abnormal. Also, how long should I do the salt treatment (1 tablespoon per gallon) for?
  5. Hi guys, my tests arrived today and here are the result attached. For the strip, We took a picture right after 1 min Note: the the nitrite looks to be "caution" according to my brother who took the test but we are not sure
  6. thank you! as of today, my fish has been eating fine and the swimming activity (no lethargy) looks normal. We did a 50% water change yesterday and we added in salt
  7. ok thanks for the advice! Should I get a test kit with GH, KH too? The one I planned to get is this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002566TC?tag=thesprucepets-onsite-prod-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=1381915|n05b9f8df5d6c454d834889f804cb813222|B0002566TC and also one that tests for pH.
  8. ahh, so as of now, you don't think it is fish tuberculosis? I will be get a testing kit but is there anything I can do during this time as I wait for it to arrive?
  9. Hello Colu, apologies, I thought I attached a picture. Sadly, we don't have the testing kit for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I was going to get one soon and then this happened.
  10. Hi all, We woke up today to find a bent near the tail of our goldfish. We have never encountered this symptom before and our research says it might be "fish tuberculosis"... According to the websites I've visited, most of them says that there's no cure for it except for one that mentions if it's in the early stage, then we may be able to "contain it with a broad-spectrum internal parasite medication." As of now, the fish has the bend back, fin rot (has been trying to treat for a long time), fins look slightly clamped, normal appetite. There's only this one fish in the tank: its buddy, a shubunkin, passed away not long ago due to unknown reason (I suspected that it was swim bladder's disease and tried to cure it but it quickly passed away on the next day). Have you guys seen this happen before? If so, what would you suggest that we do? Thanks for your time, CiCi
  11. Hello everyone! im back from college to discover that there have been continuous receding of fin length on my goldfishes. It’s very slow but existing. would the same (kosher)salt treatment work? Previous beginning treatment: 1tablespoon per 2 gallon thanks so much. -Ceci
  12. thank you Colu! im hoping for the best! I’m leaving in a couple days and won’t be able to bring them with me. So I’m really wishing that this time, they are truly recovering so I don’t have to worry.
  13. Hello Colu! Thanks for your response! I looked back to the videos I took of them back in July and there are significant receding compared to now. I guess I just want y’alls opinions on whether the white border is a sign of continual receding or if it’s from healing. I also took a video a few days ago. It would be great help if you guys can take a look at the pics attached below (from vid back in July and 2days ago) if I do end up treating them with the salt treatment again, would I use the 1tablespoon per gallon for a week? thanks so much. the first two are from July. The next two from 2 days ago. I’m so sorry abt the fuzzy pics.
  14. Hey Guys! As of now, the fin rot don't seem to have any effect (or at least making very slow progress) on my fishes anymore. The salt treatment has also been stopped for many weeks now. But I noticed that the outer border of their fins are white. I'm not sure if that is due to continual progression of fin rot or if they are recovering and growing new fins. Can anyone tell me about their own experience, please? Any advice are greatly appreciated. thanks.
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