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  1. The missus has set a limit on the number of tanks I'm allowed to have are you guys ready? No more than 20 and none of them (individually) can be bigger than 2800 gal. I'm so marrying this woman
  2. I knew it was a long shot, my fiancé was the one who suggested inviting you. It would have been cool though lmao thanks everyone for the wishes
  3. I'm excited af me and my fiance are getting married in two weeks and I was wondering @Cory if you'd come?
  4. So I work in construction building bourbon barrel warehouses and I was wondering how well the sticker would hold up on my hard hat? I ordered the Murphy one specifically for my hardhat and I don't want it to crap out real quick
  5. What's up fishy folk so I'm getting ready to set up a tank at my mother's house we've talked at length about it and and now I come to you all for advice. She really likes Bolivian rams and boesmani rainbows would this work in either size tank? And if so in what quantity in each 40b or a 75? Discuss
  6. Yea no he's staying with me for his lifetime. My daughter actually caught him in a local creek when he was very tiny I thoroughly plan on upgrading him as he grows, I'm afraid he's got stunted (at least partially) because he broke his back when he went into the 125. I feel like he got stunted by focusing energy on healing his back and not on growth
  7. Also @Keeg yours is a Senegal bichir (their on of the most common in the trade) but even them with time and proper care can bust past 10"
  8. Thanks @Tihshho that's Pablo! my herichthys carpintis sp. Escondido. And that's just how we say his name all excited and what not hims my pretty boy
  9. Danger noodles and murder logs all of them who else keeps these?
  10. So this is my first time doing planted tanks and this one was set up for almost a year and then we moved and I re set up and now I have this crap is it bba? How do I get rid of it? It's on my Java fern and on the guppy grass
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