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  1. Hey guys! I’ve got a Finnex 24/7 light that I’ve been using on my 55 gallon for about 7 months now. I was watching some old livestreams and heard Cory mention that plants need a time to rest and release co2 before photosynthesizing again. I’m wondering if my 24/7 light being on all the time (it cycles through a night and day mode constantly) will hinder my plant growth? Would it be better to have the light turn off completely, or does it matter? Thoughts?
  2. Your discus look great!! I totally agree, you’ve got to find a method that works for you! Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Btw… If any of you wanna follow along with my discus and other fish, I have an Instagram just for it! Give me a follow at @alpineaquatic
  4. Hi guys! A little update: I went and purchased 2 of the discus from the shop (I know they should be kept in groups) BUT they seem to be doing very well. The larger of the discus began to pick on the smaller, so I split them up and they are now both thriving! I must say, I am keeping them at 80 degrees F now. I know that it’s generally recommended that I keep them hotter around 84-86, but mine are doing great! Since bringing the temperature down they actually seem to be doing better. Just wanted to share what’s working for me, and I think it’s pretty cool! The second one (not as colorful) I do think is stunted, he was definitely the runt of the group when I bought him, but since being in my care he’s eating a ton, has colored up, is much more active, and is growing well! (The picture doesn’t show it well). Hope this helps out any new discus keepers and anyone else who’s interested in trying something different!
  5. Hey guys! Crazy idea, but do you think adding carbonated water (like club soda) to a fish tank would have the same effect as diffusing co2? I feel like it could work unless there’s something toxic in it I haven’t considered. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks guys for all your help! I went and got my first few Discus yesterday. Keeping them at 84 degrees and they seem to be doing great!
  7. Hey guys! I am new to Discus and am trying to do some research but I’m having a hard time finding some clear and concise information on them. I’ve got the chance to buy to 2.5” juveniles from a local breeder. Water hardness here is around 7.8 - 8.0. I’ve been observing the discus in store and they look great has of right now. I would like to get some but I can’t pin down what I’m really getting into. Some people say they’re really hard to keep? I’ve also seen a push lately from people saying they’re not that hard, you just have to do it right. What’s the rundown on discus? Will these discus be more adapted to my water since they’ve been bred in it? What’s a good price to pay for young discus? Are some types harrier than other? Last but not least, what’s the deal with Sendker discus? What are they? What are sentarem discus? Any help would be appreciated! Just trying to get some more knowledge before I buy!
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