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  1. I've never actually seen him pass waste I'm thinking he may be constipated.
  2. Dropsy had crossed my mind. Which would be horrible. He's a lovely little fish.
  3. Just at the very fringe of his tail and fins- they look jagged and torn. Here are a couple more photos. I hope I am being over-concerned but he has always been a lazy fish. Just recently though it seems like he is always resting on his leaf. This morning he didn't even swim out to get fed. I had to feed him where he was. (He ate greedily) The problem is I don't know enough to tell if this is just personality or lethargy due to illness. I've been keeping an eye on the big bulge he has (his belly?) near his side fins. I still don't know if that is normal or not. (He came like that from the big fish store.) Here are a couple more photos.
  4. My tetras are a bit nippy towards each other and towards my rather docile betta fish. I've heard that rasboras are quieter and less aggressive. Is this true?
  5. @Colu @xXInkedPhoenixX I think Gippy may have fin rot. Now all my research into fin rot indicates a water change. This isn't a problem for me- but unfortunately most of the fin rot advice recommends an 100% water change, which is a problem. To begin with, my tank has only just finished cycling. A complete water change will crash the cycle that I've only now got working. The second problem is that I added an Indian almond leaf to the tank only a couple of days ago. I was aiming for an ultra-healthy tank with blackwater. The leaf has only just started to do its job and has already tinted the water a nice yellow. I have a quarantine tank but I was thinking that moving Gippy would stress him as the environment would be completely sterile and has no plants. The fin rot has only just set in. What would be the best approach?
  6. How ya goin', Mate! Queenslander here. Good to see another Aussie join the forum.
  7. @ColuI have this stuff- it won't give me the ingredient listing so I don't know if it has maracyn in it. I also have antibiotic medication. Melafix is also readily available. What do you suggest? (Restricted to Australia)
  8. I took out the activated carbon from the filter two days ago as I was adding an Indian Almond Leaf to the tank. Is this okay or should I reverse those steps? (I think the fin rot may have started before this)
  9. HonourWest

    Fin Rot?

    Is this the first sign of fin rot? I'm worried about the edges of his fins- I'm not very familiar with bettas yet, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned or if it's just how his fins are meant to look. pH 6.6 Nitrates 20 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0
  10. I watched both the videos- loved the one with your little boy. He's a bright kid! I don't mind the colour from the tannins. I'd rather the water was brown if that makes my betta healthier and happier. Your jug system looks kinda complicated, but I'm guessing you're showing for the water colour? So could I use any rooibos tea? (I didn't even know tea was safe for fish!)
  11. Yeah, I'd get co-op stuff but I'm in Australia- I'm sure they ship internationally but not sure it's worth the wait period each time. I've been using Seachem Prime and Stability for my tank though, as recommended by someone else. I'm so sorry to hear that! I have a feline best buddy as well who is getting on. I love my little betta but my cat is like a child to me. Really feel for you. I was hoping this, but wanted to confirm it from people who have been keeping fish for a fair while. Unlike most people on this forum, I'll never be able to go into fish keeping in a 'big' way, simply because we do not have the living space. I have a 30 litre tank that is going to be my pride and joy, but it's extremely unlikely I'll be getting another one. My tank is planted. Unfortunately I got the plants at the same store, so most of them lost a lot of their leaves to rot. Trimmed them back and I'm hoping they'll reestablish and grow. I'll probably buy more however. I've also ordered some almond leaves as I want the tank to be as healthy as possible- you said "portion" though- is there such a thing as too much almond leaf? (I was just going to chuck a whole one in to the tank.)
  12. Wow! Didn't even know they came in that kind of colouration. Gorgeous fish! 😍
  13. I don't know enough to provide an opinion, but I'd sure love to see some photos! 🙂
  14. As a new enthusiast of the fish keeping hobby I have been doing all the research I can to get some foundational knowledge and maybe have a bit of an idea what to do if things go wrong. I have a pet betta that I'm very fond of- a replacement after losing my very first betta ever to columnaris. This is my first tank and I've already lost quite a lot, which I put down to a mix of having an uncycled tank (one of the things I didn't know about at first) and poor quality fish from my lfs. The result of all this is that I'm very nervy that something will go wrong with my betta. I have been researching the different diseases so that I can spot if he isn't healthy but all the research is making me think that disease and fish death is a lot more common then I'd like to think. (It's to the point where I'm obsessively checking my betta out every day to make sure he hasn't picked up some kind of symptom overnight, and wondering whether him lying on the gravel for a minute or two and napping in various hiding places is laziness or a sign he is feeling lethargic/sick) I'd appreciate some input from some of the more experienced hobbiests on this. What are the odds really like? - especially for those of us with less knowledge/ experience? I would like to think that I don't need to worry obsessively over my little friend, but obviously, if the hobby is 60% heartbreak it would be best to know this now. This way I can figure out if it's worth the angst personally. Basically exactly how much vigilance is necessary to make sure our pets don't die? Are we running tanks or life support systems for critical care patients? (Yeah, I know it's a bit of both, but you get my meaning, right?)
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