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  1. Hi, I noticed this green thing on one of my red cherry shrimp (first two pics). Internet search says it’s green fungus and I did 3-4 salt dips on it a week ago. The bright green is currently gone and now it’s more of a white (third pic). I’ve isolated it into a separate container and my other 3-4 red cherry shrimp don’t seem to have this issue. Should I still continue doing salt dips or is there something else I can try? Water Parameters: pH- 6.8 Nitrates - 20-30 ppm Hardness - 75-150 Nitrite -0 Ammonia-0 KH/Buffer - low Water Temperature - 72 F
  2. Thank you! Do you recommend minor feeding at this time?
  3. What do you recommend? Should I continue with water changes and monitor?
  4. Hi, I have a female guppy that I purchased several months ago. A month ago, I noticed a red line from the anal fin to dorsal fin and the anal fin was reddish throughout. I initially thought it might have been a self-sustained injury. Recently I put the guppy through the med trio treatment. Halfway in to treatment (day 3 or 4), I noticed that the scales looked like it was popping out. I did a 30% water change on day 7 and today would be day 11. The area looks slightly improved but I'm unsure. The pictures below are from yesterday. The fish eats well but is a bit skittish. I initially put this guppy and several other fishes because to quarantine, the other fishes look fine currently and is in another tank. The current water parameters are: pH - 6.8 Nitrates - 10-20 Hardness -150-300 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80-120 Water Temperature -73-74 Does this look like fish tb? Or is it some type of infection that could be treated? Thanks for your help!
  5. Sadly, I rushed it and didn’t quarantine. Do you recommend isolating the fish and quarantining it or should I continue to observe it? The fish still eats.
  6. Hi, My tank parameter are: Water Parameters: pH: 6.8 Nitrates: 25 Hardness:150-200 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: unknown, most likely 0 KH/Buffer: 40 Water Temperature:72 Currently, I have a planted community 50 gallon seaclear with 12 neon green rasbora, 18 neon blue rasbora, 30+ crystal red shrimp, 20 Amano shrimp. I purchased 8 neon blue rasbora and 12 green rasbora and they were added about 3 weeks ago. I’ve noticed today one of my neon blue rasbora has retracted fins, no spots on the body, still energetic, color is good, and eats. I’m wondering if the retracted fins are a sign of some type of disease? I don’t believe water parameters are an issue as my crystal red shrimp have been breeding without issues in this tank. Any help is appreciated.
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