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  1. I set up another QT with a "stage 2" amount of salt.. 10 grams of salt for 1.5 US gallon as planning on using that with metroplex for a week or so to see if it improves, but I suppose will be futile if its a tumour..
  2. Thats a shame to hear.. I noticed a very light whitening of his lips too.. so I'm thinking he may be run down.. and maybe has a bacterial infection of some kind too? though to be fair he is eating and swimming fine. The question now is if its a tumour do I put him back into the community tank and let him live out life there if he isn't stressed by the other fish? Or is there a risk it could be contagious and as such not a good idea? Thanks a lot for your inputs.
  3. Hey there. I have 3 platys in my 100L community tank. All is well apart from this platy! He started with a small mark on his head and it has got bigger and bigger. I noticed another small platy started chasing him a bit I guess cause he noticed an illness but nothing persistent or aggressive.. I've moved him to quarantine about a week ago and done 2 50% water changes . I added some metroplex as someone thought it could be hexamita, every 2 days but there has been no improvement that I can see so far.. if anything it seems more raised on his head than before. I will add the parameters later as I tested last night and wrote them down at home. But 0 ammonia 0 nitrite. Kind if high GH and quite low KH. Nitrate was a little high but i added some ferts last week and am due a water change.. Planted tank.. The tank is about 2 years old. I test roughly once every 2 weeks and there's been no drastic changes. Any ideas? Someone else suggested applying methylene blue with a cotton bud incase its fungal.. Cheers
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