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  1. My tank is actually at 6.4-6.6. The water from my tap is at a pH of 8. I figure between the fluvial stratum, spider wood, and plants and snails the pH has been lowered significantly to where it is in the tank of 6.4-6.6. I've, since yesterday, learned this can lead to old tank syndrome and the possibility of ammonium changing to an ammonia spike if the pH goes up, say during a water change. I'm going to try a ten percent water change this evening and see where my pH sits after that before I decide to make any other additions of chemicals or additives. As far as sunlight hitting the tank, this is less of an issue. I used a light monitor meant for gardens and faced it towards the window for a day and got a heavy shade readout. The window faces the NE so there is very little direct sunlight, plus we keep the blinds half way closed. Wen I do add fish I will likely start with either some Otos, Cory's, bristlenose plecos or possibly hillstream loaches. I'll have to see where my pH lands before deciding. From there I'm thinking of zebria danios, maybe some cherry barbs or diamond tetras and a centerpiece fish which I've not decided on. Thinking rainbow fish or a gourami.
  2. I retested water from the tap, I've got well water which is sitting at 8ph and gh and kh are both listed as high. I've got a softener and lead filter inline and these readings are after them. Would it perhaps make more sense to start doing water changes to reintroduce alkalinity to the tank and find a settling point? I don't have much evaporation with the fitted lid I've put on a couple weeks ago so I haven't topped the water off as it hasn't needed it. Maybe a 10 or 20% water change weekly and see how the levels go from there before adding any coral or stability chemicals?
  3. This is what I started with, checks date, apparently a month ago! Photo at the top of thread is the other day. I've obviously added a lot more plants to it but the ones I started with, the bacopas and rotala indica, have been doing really well I think. I didn't bother testing the first few weeks I had it setup, it's not likely that I missed nitrites is it? The eco complete was apparently supposed to have beneficial bacteria in it but I have no idea how true that is or if it would help in starting a tank.
  4. It does indeed have an airline to an airstone. I left it slightly tucked in so I can access if I choose to run air to it. Haven't decided yet.
  5. Thanks! I wasn't planning to do any fake decorations but then saw it and knew it'd be the exception.
  6. Hello all, recently started my first tank, 29 gallon aqueon, and went with some heavy planting. I got some bladder snails which hitchhiked in on one of the plants and I'm ok with that atm. Not sure what I plan on doing when the tank has cycled as far as fish go but I'm more excited for the plants in general at this time. I do have some questions on cycling though. I've got eco complete and fluvial stratum for a substrate with a gravel cap. Two pieces of spider wood and an assortment of plants. I put in fish flakes every other day for the first week, ammonia was sitting around 1ppm and pH of my water is high at 7.4 from the tap, well water with softeners and lead removal. I have some root tabs in and I've been using easy green, six squirts to start and three squirts every 4 days. I haven't seen a nitrite spike yet, testing every three days. Ammonia has dropped to 0 and my pH has dropped to 6.2. I've only topped off the tank at this point. Should I continue to add ammonia with flakes, keeping ammonia around 2ppm until I see a nitrite spike? Should I do anything to raise the pH in the tank at this time? Additionally I have started seeing either brown or diatom algae on surfaces and some hair algae growing on plants. I had my lights setup for ten hours a day but reduced that to 8. I have an acrylic lid I made for the tank which I've read can reduce light. Also running a hob marineland 150 hob with a prefilter sponge.
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