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  1. Well, they don’t use the shells besides to hide behind! I brought home 4 because I don’t want to crowd them and don’t know how big they will get! (But I want to bring home the other 6) Most yellow labs have a black stripe but they look exactly like the ones in the tank next to them at the store that I believe are just labeled “yellow cichlids”. Not sure why my pictures are upside down…
  2. Thanks! I was looking at neolamprologus because of the stripes and fin shape. The other one on the other side of the world that I could find that looked at all similar was the Labidochromis caeruleus besides none had the black on their dorsal fin like I saw in 80% of the photos of that species. Complete cichlid newb so I may be way off! Got a free cycled 20 gallon (previous inhabitants rehomed) and these cichlids are free since they don’t do resales at that store, just adoptions. I want to know what parameters I should be working towards to keep them happy before I bring them home. Got to appease the spouse and set him up his own his cichlid tank so he doesn’t complain about my multiple community jungles.
  3. These are up for adoption at my local chain pet store. They were labeled as creamsicle cichlids. Would love help identifying them!
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