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  1. Thank you! I tried to do exactly that, I wanted a tank that comic nerds would appreciate the references but that non comic people would just like the tank for the visual
  2. I love the name! But then again, we are also nerds with an entire Wonder Woman themed Themyscira tank, so of course I love the name!
  3. We have two cats, but they are both spoiled cats with first world problems. They will watch a lizard run across the floor right in front of their nose and then look at me like "you gonna do something about that" The only thing they care to hunt is to find where I hid the treats this time lol
  4. Haha! I thought about breeding plecos, but I honestly have no where to give them to if we had a bunch of babies. We don't have a LFS that we could take them to or anything
  5. The males will get redder as they get older. The females are usually an orangish-red lighter color from what I understand
  6. He is for now 🙂 we have plans to add nerites if needed. Oh, and there are also some bladder snails in there
  7. Annnnnd..... just like that, another female dropped fry. We netted them into the grow out tank with the surprise babies. Our estimate is a total of 25-30 babies right now. We saved as many from the main tank as we could see. Have to check again once the tank calms down some.
  8. Update time! First we have an updated picture of the tank as a whole. The plants have started to grow in, and we added some hornwort in the back corner. Aquaman finally showed up to do some maintenance on the jet. It is the first time I have seen him on it, but hey, it is invisible, so I shouldn't be surprised it took him this long to locate it. The chilis (I call them my amazons) wouldn't stay still so it was hard to get a good photo of them. But they are also very curious, so a couple came right up to the glass to say hello 🙂
  9. For the record, guppy fry will also chase the red dot too, just not as vigorously lol
  10. In a bit of sad news, though, out of the 8 guppies we got from Petco on Wednesday, we have 3 left. They were fine the first couple days, and then within a day we lost 5 of them. So no more guppies from Petco for us. We lost the platinum one, Ivory, but we still have his brother, Ebony. We have two of the females left, but sadly lost both the mosaics. I know fish die sometimes, and I know big box stores are a gamble, but man, the last couple days have been rough. We really needed those surprise fry to lift our spirits, so they came at just the right time. I THINK they came from one of the females we lost, honestly.
  11. Thank you! They seem to be full of energy for sure
  12. Some of the bladder snails in our 3 gallon cube decided to show off today and surf the biofilm. I know a lot of people think they are pests, but we find them adorable, and they do such a good job on cleanup!
  13. Fishies have arrived!!! 20 chili rasboras A blue-eyed lemon pleco named Aquaman 😉 Would you like to see? Of course you would!!
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