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  1. Do you hear that whisper Brandon?………….. moooore platinum rice fish…. What was that? Mooore orange rice fish… 😂😂
  2. I took both of your advice. I bought the feeder, which worked well AND I put tons of duckweed in there. Fish were fine and a lot more happy when I came home. Extra bonus: Apparently, the cover of the duckweed has made them feel a lot more safe. They aren’t hiding anymore and seem to be displaying… ahem…. Some new “behavior”! 🤣😂
  3. Ok. Thanks! We’ll be gone for 2 weeks. So, they will need to be fed. Thanks Colu. I will look this one up. Have you used this feeder outside? Rain? Small Critters?
  4. I have 4 large goldfish in a pond this year. Going camping. Need suggestions on a feeder that is waterproof and critter proof. Oh- and actually feeds my 4 goldfish well. lol please help!
  5. I kept getting them in my tanks with live black worms. Even after I tried to separate them. So I stopped ordering them. But I was left with leeches afterwards. They loved it when I’d feed the tank white worms. I’d watch them eat them. But trying to catch them wasn’t easy. I bought some cheap glass trap on Amazon. That has helped. Also, my pea puffers seemed to take care of them on their own. lol, so I didn’t need to worry about that tank, but I wouldn’t consider them to be as good as the glass trap. It took them awhile/don’t always get along with other fish. I have gotten them from other things, such as plants, but it wasn’t nearly as many as the black worm fiasco. Probably baby leaches that I couldn’t see?
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