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  1. Ok thanks! Yeah, I've been checking them out but probably should go with something a little more docile lol
  2. Anyone have experience keeping these and what was the outcome?
  3. So I am wondering how the new rules will affect buying and selling dojo loaches? They're already illegal in some states.
  4. @Nooby@Patrick_G@Mmiller2001thanks guys! Yeah, I was thinking maybe water parameters need to be exactly the same as the wild. The big Robustus I got only comes out at night. He's been here for 2 weeks now. There isn't much information online about them.
  5. Anyone else have problems with wild caught cories? Seems like every time I get one it doesn't do well and is too nervous to be comfortable. The tank raised just go about their business.
  6. @Justchillin1060here is an example of something you might come across on FB marketplace: an acryllic 120 that comes with everything. Can't really beat it. I don't know where you're located, but everywhere should have similar deals.
  7. @Justchillin1060no joke Facebook marketplace you can find some good deals...there was actually a very nice 420 gallon with stand for free listed last week in great shape!!
  8. wow that's pretty advanced stuff! I wouldn't know how to even start breeding. Pretty neat! There's a video that Cory has online where he has his 800 filled with tiger barbs and clown loaches...pretty cool to see the same patterns in the different fish in same tank.
  9. I got emeralds, albinos, peppers, adolphus, bronzes, and 1 robustus. That's the guy on my profile pic lol...
  10. Does anyone know why companies don't add ammonia test to the strips that test for everything else?
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm a fairly new hobbyist and my main interests are corydoras. I currently have 2, 20g tanks, a 10 and a 5. I also love loaches and have a clown and 3 yoyos. I also have bettas, silver tip tetras and angelfish. All tanks are stocked with live plants and I use the Easy Green line. I am looking forward to reading posts and gaining valuable information! Erin T.
  12. Hi guys. I had a dojo loach pass within 24 hours. First noticed he was having trouble maintaining balance, then his barbels and snout kind of dissolved, red spots toward back of body, water parameters fine, established tank, hadn't been bullied. No fuzzy spots. Any ideas? I've never seen anything to beat it. Thanks, Erin
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