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  1. The trip would be 30 min- 1hr max from old setup to new setup. All community fish
  2. That makes sense. The issue I am going to have is I would like to not have to disassemble the tanks. The 75 has a dirt bottom with a cap on top of the dirt. Disassembling it would Destroy that tanks substrate layers and would have to have all new substrate put in. More work then I would want to do.
  3. I am moving in a few months and going to be bringing my 4 fish tanks with me. What is the best way to go about moving them? I have live plants in all 4 of them. They also have shrimp and other bottom feeders. I have a 75, 29, 5, 2 1/2 gallon tanks. Not really worried about the two small ones but I am worried about the big ones. would it be best to pull all the fish out and transport in a bucket or leave in the tank with minimal water and use an air pump.
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