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  1. Thank you, I do have live plants and I also have maracyn on hand so I will go ahead and start there. At least to treat or prevent infection. The more I inspect it the more it looks like a growth. It's very smooth and just kind of showed up. Thank you again for your advice. I will update in about a week or so.
  2. Good morning! On the afternoon of 5/15/21 I noticed my son's pleco had an odd fleshy growth protruding from the underside of it's gill plate. I thought maybe it was an injury but a closer look revealed that it was not. So, as we all do, I took to the internet for answers and found nothing comparable. My very next thought was to seek the good ol aquarium Co-Op opinion. Also I do have a good photo of it, just haven't figured out how to attach it here. 40 breeder, water parameters are all fine, we purchased pleco in March. Aquarium has been established since January (seeded with media from my 75 gallon) Currently the only fish. Accompanied by pond snails, live plants, ample filtration, finnex lighting, sand and rock substrate with manzanita as well. Planning for introducing half dozen Amazon Puffers soon and establishing a much larger aquarium for their future. But don't want to add anything if whatever pleco has turns out to be contagious, for obvious reasons. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help out!
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