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  1. Thank goodness! Maybe I’ll take the media baskets out tomorrow.
  2. Hi! It is very mature with wood, rocks, plants and fish. It has a gravel substrate and maybe with around 16 small fish. The tank is an old Oceanic hexagon tank that been running for 14 years.
  3. Last night the canister on my 40 gal. died. I just HAPPENED to have an appropriate sponge filter at the ready. I placed it in the tank but I knew that the sponge filter was brand new so I set my media baskets inside the tank. Did I do the right thing? Did I NEED to do that? How long should they stay there? 2 weeks. I have no one else to ask but this forum.
  4. This will be a recently cleaned 20 gallon tank that is not seeded. Can I clean it up and use said substrate, wait a bit and then get plants?
  5. I just need to vent a bit. I’ve never felt more alone and not knowing what to do in this hobby than right now. I bought some guppies who developed fin rot and then it spread to my rummies. I did not have a quarantine tank (which I now regret). I bought one and tried to kickstart it but I lost all of the rummies and 1 guppy. The other 2 don’t look like they are going to make it. Should they die, should I completely empty and clean the 20 gallon QT and then seed it so it is ready for my new purchases? I’m baffled on why they got fin rot in the first place. All water parameters were good, it overfed. I’ve really lost my confidence here. Thanks for listening.
  6. Hi…not sure how to use this (or any forum really), but am willing to try.
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