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  1. Would Co-op Fry Food be small enough for the new fry?
  2. @Daniel it was at work, but has since been brought home. My at home desk now has more space taken up by fishtanks than usable space! But I haven't been working at the office for months so it wasn't possible to leave it there.
  3. I'm at that slightly "bored" state with my fish tanks right now. I've got two tanks that are only plants right now because keeping the fish in them became a "chore" more than a pleasure, and I can grow the plants for profit. I've bred shrimp, bristlenose, and livebearers. Working on a pair of apistos right now. But I'm wondering if Killifish might scratch the itch I've got and inspire me again? Right now with working from home I've got lots of time and attention to pay to them. Anyone want to share their experience with Killifish from eggs?
  4. Oh I like this very much! Might be an awesome time to use some 3d printed holders for the tubes that wrap around the edge, instead of bottom, to keep the light going up.
  5. Trimmed up my 5 gallon desktop shrimp tank. Every time I let it get too crazy I worry I have a drop in shrimp population. But then with a quick trim and the sudden lack of hiding spaces they all come out of the woodwork!
  6. Awkwardly, I too am Spencer from Michigan!
  7. Took me a long time to find some nice stock that was old enough to sex out before purchase.
  8. Couple Guppy shots, and my 5 gallon blue dream tank.
  9. Hey everyone, Started with a community tank full of plants and products from the Co-op and it's ballooned into a full fish room. Currently working on breeding apistos and CPDs, and well as growing tons of plants for profit. My LFS is awesome for livestock, but not so much for plants so I've built up a good number of customers in the area. Also just emptied a tank of Dragon Mosaic Guppies so ready for another livebearer project!
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