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  1. Thank you. Adding it now as I type lost another last night. Hoping I can save the few left.
  2. I did a 33% water change last night. Can I use melafix or get maracyn? Maracyn 2 better?
  3. We images. Not the same fish. Not the pectoral fins are gone.
  4. Correction: It does not look fungal.
  5. I am at a loss. Water quality spot on, temp 78, excellent filtration, two air stones, calcium, salt,weekly water changes,etc. In the past two and a half weeks I have lost 8 guppies from my 29 gal tank. I treated once with melafix and lost 3 of the 8. My fry is unaffected. One Cory lost part of his dorsal and tail but growing back and doing well. Lost some beautiful fish. It does look like a fungal issue. The fins look as if they disintegrate. Any suggestions.
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