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  1. Thank you! I actually found what I Was looking for local to Texas as well
  2. I'm in the market for a L200 Pleco Green Phantom anyone have any leads on one hoping to find one 5"-6"
  3. I got a 90 gallon with a sump I want to add a wave maker for a few different reasons. by doing a quick google search I read a few different topics sayin it shouldn't or cant be done. I'm lookin for more input on this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. sounds interesting do you have any pictures you can post of them? and also do you buy your fish local or an online source?
  5. Me and @candice_mckey just got this 90 gallon set up its still in the works I plan on adding a large piece of drift wood maybe some different rocks, but what fish should I go with? I'm kind of thinking a predator community tank if that's even possible. we just want some ideas I don't really want to do Oscars. I just want larger fish and something to really to look at and watch, which fish would go good together any input and information would be greatly appreciated
  6. Thanks everyone I’m pretty sure I got it all figured out. I’m going to continue to keep a close eye on it but so far everything has been fine through the night, I hope I don’t come home to a flooded house after work lol. Anyone else willing to keep sharing they’re knowledge for others or for me to take it is greatly appreciate it.
  7. I'm new to sumps but I think I just figured it out ! just keeping a close eye on it now. I feel dumb I had my return line higher than the overflow its self seems to be working fine and water level is at the line marked
  8. I just got a 90 gallon with a sump I looked up and found you're suppose fill the tank just as it starts to over flow then fill the sump up to the top and turn on the pump. well my problem is either it almost over flows the tank or it starves the pump for water. what am I doing wrong? I can get it on the fill line on the sump with out disaster???
  9. thanks for all the helpful information. I have a pump with dual outputs I also have a spray bar. I do not not plan on changing it, this will be final I changed it out to the super naturals gemstone creek aquarium gravel
  10. I did take everything out and wipe down the glass. I did not let it dry out though. its been established since may 14th 2021
  11. I just didn't want to take the chance and hurt my fish, I'm fairly new to this and learning as I go
  12. I did a water change and changed out my gravel out to the round pea gravel in my tank and all my water level are good but I cant get my ammonia to 0ppm its at 2.0 ppm. What can I do? or should I just let it run its course. I've add the suggested amount of prime to the water the bottle said.
  13. We have drift wood I boiled it till it was clean. I added another smaller piece I did not boil. the tank was Established May 14. this is our second time to vacuum and do the 1/3 water change after we vacuum it just looks nasty, are we suppose to vacuum it multiple time or just once. a lot of debris was floating around and after the new water was added it still looks dirty and kind of has a smell to it. i just have a hob filter i plan on up grading to a canister filter set up.
  14. I'm having trouble keeping my tank clean, it keeps getting very cloudy and has like a yellowish tint to it. We've done a water change and it still looks nasty afterwards. I've also treated the water with some tetra aquasafe for tap water, and tips would be great to get my tank looking clear.
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