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  1. I know it doesn’t help your situation, but this is why all of my tanks have 2 sponge filters in them. I’m always ready for a new tank by just moving one of the ‘extra’ sponge filters to the new tank.
  2. Update: when I sold some of my mutt guppies to my LFS last week, they confirmed that they will purchase these hybrids as well. No tasty treats for the turtle after all.
  3. Thankfully I have them in a separate tank…. Looks like new friends for my turtle
  4. Can somebody confirm for me what these fish are? They were spawned from a recently purchased female ‘guppy’ but they look more like Endlers to me.
  5. I need suggestions for the best way to locate a new home for an 8" Red-eared slider turtle. My son HAD to have a turtle when he was young. Now he's 18 and I have somehow 'acquired' his turtle. Unfortunately, the turtle is close to outgrowing her current tank and, though I could afford a larger tank, I just don't have the room. All of the traditional sites I would normally try (Craigslist, Buy Nothing, Offer up) have prohibitions against live animals. I don't even know if it's allowed here. I'm not looking to sell the turtle, I just want to find a good home for her. Someone who likes turtles and has a large tank or pond. Any suggestions on how/where to seek a potential new home for her?
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