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  1. Hi Colu I am using the Epsom salt dip while i await my orders for Focus, Kanaplex and Sera baktopur to arrive. I am dosing at 1 tablespoon for 2 gallons. I was wondering why the 15 minute time maximum as my fish don't seem phased by the treatment at all and once returned to the tank immediately go about usual business. Is a stronger dose or more time ever recommended? What I will say is that dips have sorted out the wen of the fish as its not quite there but looking a lot better.
  2. Thanks Colu Ill order some Sera baktopur direct. I have started doing epson salt dips. I will try a week of that while the focus and Kanaplex are on the way. Thanks again Martin
  3. Thanks Colu , I will try this. Kanaplex looks only available in the USA though and I am in England, UK. I can order it but looks like it will take a while to be delivered. Thanks again Martin
  4. Hi all Hope someone can help me here. The Wen on this fish is going milky white but inside not the cotton woolly stuff and white spots expected with wen growth. Its getting worse. Is this wen rotting? I have been treating my tank as this fish is a floater and I have a larger oranda that is stuck to the bottom, where the other two smaller ranchu in the tank are absolutely fine. My tank is 78 us gallons including the sump. So I agree that my Orandas have bladder issues that I have not managed to fix, but why is the wen going like this ? This was happening before any treatments other than salt was added? My bottom sitter if he doesn't improve will sadly have to be let go. But this fish is not as bad and rests at the top but does swim around. Both still excited for food. So would like to believe I can save this fish. These orandas have been in this tank for over 2 years I have low ph at just below 7 but have crushed coral in the sump and tank bringing it up to around 7.3 ph. Water changes every week as my guys like a mess. No ammonia or nitrites. Temp 22c or 72F. Any experience of this?
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