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  1. After having ongoing issues with the tabs wanting to float, I've found a solution that works for me. As has been suggested poking a pin hole in the end of the tab helps, but I also "squeeze" the tab while placing it in the substrate. Been doing it this way for the past few months and it's 99% effective. If I'm not mistaken, it's the air in the tab that causes the tabs to float so squeezing the air out is what helps. As I said .... this works for me.
  2. It sounds like you and I have those same hygger light's. I bought mine from amazon because they were inexpensive and do a decent job for my small tanks. And, like you ran into the same issue using a timer. I read an amazon review about that problem and how to solve that issue by purchasing male and female adapters as well as at Nicrew dimmer switch which solved the problem. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you the info.
  3. Thank you Guppysnail. I love both your ideas. I've been floating mine but don't really like that way. Thanks again.
  4. Yes, I also received a crypt from COOP last month that wasn't ready or shouldn't have been shipped in the first place (in my opinion). But as always COOP took complete care and sent me a new one. And the new one was and is 100 times better. The pic on the right shows it had no leaves and it wasn't until I opened the rockwool that I did find 3 tiny roots about a 1/4 inch in size which 2 weeks later turned to mush. My point is, COOP stands by their products with customer service that is the best ever!
  5. Congratulations to Irene for receiving honour's for something she obviously enjoys doing and I enjoy watching. Thank you COOP for adding her to your staff.
  6. That's very interesting and think I might try that on a couple of my house plants. What was your approximate ratio of Easy Green to water in the spray bottle? Thanks Keeg.
  7. It worked for me. In my case they seem to do much better floating than planted.
  8. Thank you both Redmare and Aubrey, you've both been a great help and I appreciate it. I love the nerite snails for the work they do, but knowing now the mess they leave behind I think I'll need to re-think whether or not I want to continue keeping nerites. Thanks again .......... Have a great day. Rich
  9. As a matter of fact, yes I do have nerite snails in my aquarium. Wow, so these are nerite snail eggs huh? I never would have guessed. Well, obviously then they're not harmful which is what I was most concerned about. My only other question then is, will these eventually disappear? Thank you in advance.
  10. Any ideas what these small specs are on this clay pot? They're beginning to develop on my aquarium glass, plants and just about anywhere else they want to be. I've noticed whatever these are , they're next to impossible to remove without a razor blade. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rich
  11. I've often wondered where the name "Co-Op" came from or how it came to be. Maybe somebody knows?
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