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  1. I got it, if anyone is ever stressed about their fry getting sucked into the sump, simply procure 100 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh, its works like a charm. Note I am using a drip system @ 8L/Hour Should not clog up anytime soon
  2. Ok I think I got it, the gravity flow would work, I will just add a LED light source to the bottom, the brine shrimp should swim to it. However I had a bit of a sleepless night wondering about my overflow. What can I use to not suck in fry, I've seen guys use filter floss etc. Anyone attempted this. I was thinking of maybe dripping for 15mins then stopping for 15min and just connect the pump on a smart wifi switch.,
  3. Me too, my only concern is the shrimp swimming up and only brine water dripping in. on the topic of brine water, will research a way to rinse with fresh water, perhaps an overflow with some filter floss, I replace the floss every week manually. So I'd have 4 containers. 2 big and 2 small. The small one is to rinse, please see image below.
  4. Thank you Colu, yeah, not sure if it will work, might need to add some air to push them down without too much pressure, but seriously want to make this work. 1 for big brine shrimp fed from a 8mm tube into the 3 3ft holder for parents, 4mm for the 9 1ft going into the fry tanks, the 8mm will serve +-2 week old brine and the other one will serve 36 hour old brine shrimp, whatever is left over in the baby brine shrimp container will be pumped to the big brine shrimp container. I will add 10 grams of soy powder manually to the big brine shrimp container every 3rd day.
  5. Fed the 14 day old fry in tank G Baby brine this morning, they went totally nuts for it, setting up the webcams this weekend, will send live links soon. Building an automated brine shrimp feeding system now using this solenoid. Opening for 2 seconds should release about 3-8 ml of baby brine. This morning after about 30 mins I saw the bellies of my fry nice and full.
  6. Please see video of my gouramis breeding Sumb system not installed yet
  7. thank you I will send a video soon
  8. So I think I am going to try this, I am a software engineer so I want to code everything to work automatically and report. I am busy with writing a system in C# .NET Blazor that using an arduino would be able to open the overflow valve, control drips per second, control temp, control the air and also soon the baby brine and possibly infusoria. I call the system Phenomatica its still a code in progress, but I managed to control my comunity tank's CO2, temp, Air Pump and lights. I also have a submersed webcam in there. I use arduino uno with adafruit components. The arduino is connected to a raspberry pi running a python web server and rest api to which the blazor app connect to,. Will create a thread on that soon. Back to the breeding. Day 1: Manually add the female feed her some frozen brine shrimp keep the temp at 25 C and the overflow at 10 drops per second, the sponge filter on full. Day 2: Manually add the male feed them both some frozen brine shrimp keep the temp at 25 C and the overflow at 10 drops per second, the sponge filter on full. Day 3: Swicth off the overflow and reduce the sponge filter air by half, add some almond leaves and duckweed, increase temp to 27 C. Day 4: Keep an eye on bubble nest and eggs (they're eggs float so easy) play back the tank's webcam at X4 to spot spawing activirtty. Don;t feed them. After bubble nest Day 1: Start Infusoria culture, remove female from tank, increase sponge filter air, drop 2 drops per second for the overflow. Day 2: Monitor for fry untill you see them swimming freely After swimming freely Day 1: Remove male, add 15 ML Infusoria 6 times a day repeat for 7 days, 5 drops per second overflow, 1/3 strength air to sponge filter. Temp at 24-25C. Day :8 Start feeding baby brine and first bites, 10 drops per second overflow, 3/4 sponge filter air. The bottom tank that acts as a sump will get RO water change of about 20% daily its a 29 Gallon, this results in all tanks getting approx 3-5% water change daily. Entire system will be controller. Do you think my steps are okay, apologies for the bad english
  9. Thank you Colu, that's perfect! I love it, no to see where I can procure it in South Africa 😂
  10. Thank you Colu, I like Infusoria there should also be some present around the plants and in the thick java moss, what I do not like about it, is that its so unscientific in the ability to measure. Yet I suppose when working with such small fish its quite hard, I really wonder how the fish farms overseas such as in Lumbini Sri Lanka do it. Do you think First Bites might be too big for them after the their egg sack is finished and they are free swimming?
  11. Hi Guys,I have a secret only people in this forum will ever know, I seriously have a problem with the tricogaster genus of fish. Its like some type of magic, I love these fish a lot! Especially the dwarfs.So I did what any sane person would do and procured an array of 9 1.5ft tanks15 Gallons (breeding various gouramis) and a 3ft to hold the rents once they are done. (planted and planing to add guppy grass, already have a lot of java moss (about 5 liters)) The tanks are drilled with an overflow, I have very little flow/pressure going into the tanks (only flowing for 3 hours a day and not when breeding as it would disturb the bubble nest) and the overflow is covered with filter floss. Each tank also has a small sponge filter in, one amazon sword and some rocks along with java moss.Now someone on this forum should be able to give me advice on how to achieve this. Any advice would be appreciated, note i am in no hurry, I want to do this right. The main questions I have is would I be able to feed these fry hikari first bites? At what stage would I be able to feed fresh baby brine shrimp? Anyone with success please help me achieve the same. Will send pictures once tidy.
  12. Hi Frogmouth yes, I have a African Bush Gourami (Leapord leaf fish) that I paid R50 for aprox 3usd. We don't really get a lot of ropefish. However in the rivers in Durban have tons of guppies in them, I've noticed they do prefer hard water. They're quite dull in colour but breed like crazy. I am in love with the tricogaster genus, but for those ciclid fans out there, in SA we buy Malawis cichlids at R15 a fish that is about 1.5 USD. Most of our fish come from the same supplier either from Lambini Sri Lanka or Tel Aviv Israel. Thank you also Colu, I will submit a video of my dwarf gourami breeding setup soo
  13. Howzit Guys,From Durban, started this hobby last year September and got hooked almost immediately. I like setting up planted tanks and my absolute favourite fish is the dwarf gourami, all types of gourami actually.
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