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  1. I think they are detritus worms. If so, they are not dangerous and fish can eat them.
  2. I think for a mechanical filter you can just clean it when it gets dirty enough that to impede flow. I have stopped using mechanical filtration in my canisters. That way I don't have to clean them as often, and they are much better biological filters because I don't clean them often. I have found that using 30 ppi foam in the canisters with zero mechanical filtration makes my water more clear. See www.aquariumscience.org.
  3. If you put them in a bucket until you have a chance to set up a 10-gallon tank, you will need an air stone in the bucket to maintain a flow near the eggs, and you will probably need a heater. When you move them to a tank, same thing, plus a sponge filter. There are several you-tube videos that you will find helpful.
  4. I have had the same issue with my angels. I see the eggs and think "I will take them out tomorrow." Then tomorrow they are gone. Once they have been fertilized you have to take them out. I have my first batch of free-swimming angelfish fry now in a 10-gallon tank. Initially, I took the eggs out and put them in a 5-gallon bucket, where they hatched. After 3-4 days, I moved them to the 10-gallon tank before they started free-swimming. They are about a week post-hatch now and they are all free-swimming. I have heard that mature angelfish can raise their fry. My angels are only a little over one year old, so maybe they are not mature enough.
  5. I liked Squid Game. The version I saw was dubbed, not subtitled. And I agree last episode was not as good.
  6. Test the water! A seasoned substrate is not enough to cycle a tank. Bacteria in a bottle doesn't help. Nothing you can pour into your aquarium detoxifies ammonia.
  7. I just move the cave to the grow-out tank.
  8. Bacteria-in-a-bottle products don't work. If they worked, nobody would ever cycle a tank any other way. Why would they? If bacteria-in-a-bottle products worked, there would not be hundreds of videos out there on how to cycle tanks without them.
  9. Just make sure they are big enough not to be eaten.
  10. If you can eat off it, it is not going to kill your fish. I wash my hands with soap. I rinse them. I stick them in my aquarium.
  11. Light from the window is probably contributing to hair algae (and other algae).
  12. From Aquariumscience.org: Fin rot should be treated with broad spectrum antibiotics (Thomas Labs Fish Mox, Midland Vet Service Aqua-Mox, VetDepot Amoxicillin, Fishbiotic Ampicillin, Mardel Maracyn 2, SeaChem KanaPlex, Thomas Labs Fish Min, API Fin And Body Cure and Thomas Labs Fish Doxy). These antibiotics ONLY work when mixed into the food. They do NOT work when put into the water of the aquarium.
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