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  1. I have a low to medium light planted tank and have been using AC's Easy Green. I also have a small bag of Purigen in my Tidal 35 HOB filter. Should I remove the Purigen when dosing the water with Easy Green once a week? If so, how long should I have it removed? I just want to make sure the Purigen isn't pulling out the nutrients that I'm intentionally putting into the water for my plants. This is my first planted tank so I'm figuring things out. Thanks!
  2. I’m not looking to breed any particular species. I’m just looking to house a nice community tank. I wanted to see if I actually needed to worry about my high ph/water hardness.
  3. I live in northern Indiana and we have really hard water. My pH is testing at 8.0 or a bit higher and I know I likely have very hard water even though my test kit hasn't arrived yet so I haven't tested that yet. Anyway, I have a new planted tank (20 gal.) that is currently cycling. Question: how do I safely lower my pH and soften up my water? RO is not an option. I've yet to add any fish or invertebrates to my tank but i want to have things ready when it's time! Thank you in advance!
  4. I started a brand new 20 gallon tank 8 days ago. I planted it with low light plants and have been dosing, per the instructions, with Seachem Stability and testing my water every other day. I'm trying determine what I need to do next. Here are my test results... May 16th: A=0, Ni=0, Na=5ppm May 19th: A=2ppm, Ni=2ppm, Na=10ppm May 21st: A=0, Ni=5ppm, Na=10ppm May 23rd: A=0, Ni=5ppm, Na=40ppm I have new plant growth starting on several different types of plants and I have some hair algae growing. I believe I need to do a water change and recheck my water parameters. Then possible add a fish or two and keep checking water parameters. I'd love to get some input from others and thank you in advance!
  5. I’m setting up a new 20 gal. tank and will planting live plants for the first time. I ended up having to order plants from two companies to get what I wanted. The stuff from Aquarium Co-Op just arrived today (Friday). The other plants, according to the shipping tracker, are supposed to arrive till Monday. What do I do with the plants that have arrived? I can’t plant my new tank and set up until all of my plants arrive (I have some being glued on some drift wood). I’m assuming I just plop the plants in a bucket of water till everything arrives? I don’t want to lose anything because it wasn’t cheap! Thanks in advance for your help!
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