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  1. Good call on Michael's fish room! Dude reminds me of a long lost cousin as well!
  2. Hi All - To be clear, I'm not using this post to find someone here to take my guppies. I am merely looking for advice on how to find someone/place who/that will. There are no local clubs near me that I know of and the local shop won't take fish from local breeders / hobbyists. Just looking to re-home the guppies to a good place and find an easy way to do it that isn't too shady (not sure if that rules out Craigslist!)! Let me know if you all have any thoughts. Thanks!
  3. Hey All - Anybody ever try to do a small water above ground pond (~20g) in the mid-Atlantic area (Maryland-based here) during the winter? Not looking to do anything crazy, but just more more curious to see if it's possible and what fish I could potentially stock it with. Thanks and happy Monday! Happy fish keeping!
  4. I appreciate all the insights and totally understand the aspect of not being able to promote online/brick and mortar vendors. I would also love to support my local shops, but I haven't had too much success with them for varying reasons. If I don't have success, I'll keep on working on breeding my guppies -- much to the dismay of my wife! ' @Cory - Appreciate the information. I've certainty gleamed from Aquarium Co-Op's videos how challenging it is to receive and move product. I suppose, this makes how quickly you guys ship out and get the products to customers all the more impressive!
  5. Wondering if anyone as suggestions for materials to use for 10g + 29g tanks? The glass tops seem too pricy and I rather not purchase a kit that has a hood/light because I have my eye on a few nice lights! Thanks for the advice in advance!
  6. Hi All - I was hoping to buy fish on Aqua Huana's site, but they are practically out of all the fish that I would be interested in (freshwater for 29g or indoor 15g tub pond). I'm hesitant to purchase fish from someone on Ebay or Aqua Bid because I've never purchased fish online before so I'm looking for similar vendors to AH. Anyone have any advice? Also, has anyone noticed how poor the fish are at Petsmart these days? So sad. If I had the space, I would have rescued those poor fishies. Cheers
  7. Hi Everyone! Quick question: I would like to set up a small free standing pond (20-30g) for guppies. I plan on placing it on my deck which gets direct sunlight from early afternoon until sunset. (I'm located in the Washington, DC Metro area.) My concern is that this amount of sunlight will heat the pond to uninhabitable temperatures. If the temp of the water gets into the the high 80s, will it become detrimental to the guppies or since the water will slowly be warmed by the sun, they could adjust? Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
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