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  1. Thanks! This is what I was looking for. Getting to the point I can tell fish apart by more than just color but still learning. Appreciate it!
  2. You're absolutely correct! I'm trying to figure out about how many weeks/months old that would be
  3. My weather/pond/dojo loach likes to suck on my knuckles when I have my hands in the tank
  4. How old do endler fry need to be to determine the sex? I have yellow tiger endlers I'm trying to sex.
  5. Live bearers are incredibly hardy so I would not worry
  6. I only change when needed, unless I'm raising fry.
  7. That's what I'm kind of leaning towards but I've also heard that the tiger barbs can still be jerks to the SAE. Hopefully I'll get someone with experience. It's only been one or two posts I've seen about SAE and tiger barbs. I didn't know if the SAE would like the activity level of the loach. LoL and yes I wouldn't call the yoyo and barbs aggressive but they're kind of the obnoxious little brothers of the fish world 🤣 they poke and prod and annoy but don't usually just go on a murder spree. Thanks for the SAE suggestion! I'm leaning even more towards them now!
  8. Yes I am well aware (but do appreciate you making sure) 😊 I have them in a group of 6. I've thought about ottos but am not sure how they'll treat my catfish if they don't get enough algae... Catfish is nocturnal so I don't want it getting sucked on by hungry ottos during the day. I've also heard mixed thoughts on ottos and tiger barbs together.
  9. I need an algae eater in my 75 gallon. This tank already has: Tiger Barbs Dojo Loach Yoyo Loach Rock Catfish (yes rock not stone) It's pretty heavily planted and I think the bioload is very easily managed by plants and bacteria. The tricky thing is getting something that can handle the tiger barbs and activity level of the loach. I mostly have algae on my tank walls and just a little on a plant or two.
  10. Thank you! My state is pretty lax on banning aquatic plants. I've only ever seen non aquatic plants banned here. Thanks again!!
  11. Yet another "please help me figure out what this plant is" thanks for such a good community!
  12. You could do the same tactic with 2x4 if you don't mind the look. All of the wait goes straight down
  13. Another option would be to get a back cut to the same size as the whole shelf and GLUE the back on. It would increase the horizontal and vertical stability.
  14. If you go fish shopping on/shortly after a full moon you will impulse by a lot more than you meant to
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